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Jindal Slams Common Core in New Education Plan


On February 9, Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal released his 42-page plan for education reform entitled “K-12 Education Reform: A Road Map.” The plan is highly critical of Common Core:

[E]ducation is best directed at the local level, not by the federal government. In today’s debate this brings us to the issue of Common Core, which this plan discusses. When Common Core first came on the scene it was described as an effort led by states to seek high standards for our students. It sounded pretty good.

But Common Core has become a way for the federal government to dictate a national curriculum. Some inaccurately believe that those who oppose Common Core are opposed to high standards. This is simply false.


It’s bad enough that the federal government has begun tying compliance with Common Core to federal funds, but once you see the methods and the homework that accompanies Common Core, the verdict is in, Common Core must go.

You can read Gov. Jindal’s full education plan here.