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This Is What Being on Offense on Life Looks Like


Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino, following up on Rand Paul’s lead, take it to Debbie Wasserman Schultz on whether she thinks an unborn child in the third trimester should be aborted “on a whim”:

Megyn Kelly: “…then I asked her what about, what about you know—the public is overwhelmingly against third term abortions, 80 percent—83 percent are against third trimester, I should say, abortions. 63 percent, I think, against second trimester abortions, so I said: ‘What about a woman in a third trimester who wants to abort a baby on a whim, you can’t support that?’ And she said: ‘Well, not on a whim.’ I mean, so there you have it, and she just kept going back to, it’s between and doctor and the woman, it’s between a woman and her doctor, period.”

Dana Perino: “Because that is their safe language, and it’s their language that they have used for the litmus test that liberals have to be able to pass. They’re very rigid. You know, science has changed a lot of minds about late-term abortion, and faith and morals have changed a lot of hearts. What the Republican Party has said is that we are for speaking for the innocent… I think the issue is much bigger, this is about character. This is about who is going to speak on behalf the innocent, and we are entering into a very interesting technological time, where genetic modification is going to move faster than our policy has been able to allow us to keep up with.  And a principled stand for life and the innocence of it and the protection of it is a place where I would much rather be on that side, because that’s how I’m informed in my own personal viewpoint, but 84 percent of Americans agree. That means that the liberals actually, the Democrats are the extremists on late-term abortion.”

Megyn Kelly: “And that’s the thing is it’s like: I don’t understand—I was confused as to why she wouldn’t just—I mean, third term abortion, late, third trimester—”

Dana Perino: “Because they will cede no ground…”

Megyn Kelly: “Why not? That’s an easy, that’s an easy thing—even if you are pro-choice, 80 plus percent of the American people say ‘not in the third trimester’ because, we all know that that is a baby.”

Dana Perino: “That’s right, and that’s why I say science has informed people’s personal experiences. They might know someone who had a baby that was born premature and is now living a good and healthy life. When she says this is between a woman and her doctors, that’s the rigid language of the left and they are going to try to drive it home, because it sends the signal to all of their donors that ‘we are not going to budge on Roe v. Wade’ but that’s not what anyone is talking about.”

Megyn Kelly: “It doesn’t acknowledge what I was pressing her on, which the Supreme Court has recognized that at some point the state has the right to regulate that relationship because there is a third life involved, and that baby has protection under law at some point, which the Democrats don’t have to concede and lose any points on, the Supreme Court has already said it’s so.”

Dana Perino: “Right, so they could say that’s the law of the land. But one of the things she wouldn’t even say: ‘except in the case of the life of the mother.’ They are so rigid in their communication on this, and they have to be or else they will lose all of the support and funding from their far left.”

This is what being on offense looks like, sounds like, and feels like.  The Democrats are bound to their activists’ and their rich donors’ ugly and morally absurd views. Make them take the hit for it with ordinary voters.

Maggie Gallagher is editor of

Maggie Gallagher

Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project.

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