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Trump Ends Silence on Planned Parenthood Videos


Donald Trump finally weighed in yesterday on the Planned Parenthood video scandal, becoming the last major Republican presidential candidate to do so (Gov. Christie commented on Monday).  Trump was asked for his response to the videos and whether Planned Parenthood should be defunded during an interview with Dana Loesch on TheBlaze TV (starts at 2:44):

TRUMP: Well they should [be defunded], and I was looking at some of those things and the way that woman’s eating her salad—I guess that’s the one you’re talking about, right?

LOESCH: Well, there’s two of them now.

TRUMP: …and now there’s another one, I see that.  And they’re just—it’s disgusting.  It’s disgusting.  And absolutely they should be defunded.  I thought, you know, it’s so cavalier and so horrible.  I just thought it was incredible.  So, anyway, the answer is, in my opinion, they should absolutely be defunded.

LOESCH: Should taxpayers be forced to fund groups like this one—like Planned Parenthood—that contradict their beliefs?

TRUMP:  Well, no, and in the case of Planned Parenthood, you know, anyone who watched these various videos—I saw the one in great detail and the other one I just saw little glimpses of this morning, it’s newer—I mean, it’s very sad to watch it.  It’s very sad.  And it wasn’t even that.  It was so bad, and yet, you know, there was such a cavalier attitude that this woman—I guess she was a doctor or something…

LOESCH: Yeah, she was the director of their medical board.

TRUMP: Yeah, so cavalier.  I thought it was a disgrace.

Although it took a while, it’s good to see Trump finally joining the rest of the GOP candidates in calling for Planned Parenthood to be stripped of federal funding.  The real question now is: do Hillary and Democrats really believe an organization that allegedly sells babies’ body parts for profit should receive taxpayer dollars?

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Paul Dupont is a legislative assistant for American Principles in Action.

Paul Dupont

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