Donald Trump Wins The Pulse 2016 July Straw Poll



The results of our July Straw Poll are in. We would like to thank everyone who participated! Our poll exceeded all expectations, as we received a staggering 15,032 responses throughout the month.

Donald Trump had a really good month. He has surged to the top of nearly all the national polls, and he was an overwhelming favorite among our readers at The Pulse 2016, receiving 7,462 votes, or 49.6 percent of the vote.

Ted Cruz won our May Straw Poll, and he still had a pretty good showing in July. Cruz placed second with 2,538 votes, or 16.9 percent of the vote.

Ben Carson and Scott Walker were the only other candidates to top 1,000 votes. Carson finished a solid 3rd with 1,729 votes (11.5 percent of the vote) and Scott Walker finished 4th with 1,164 votes (7.7 percent of the vote.)

Here are the full results:

Donald Trump 7462 49.60%
Ted Cruz 2538 16.90%
Ben Carson 1729 11.50%
Scott Walker 1164 7.70%
Rand Paul 490 3.30%
Marco Rubio 378 2.50%
Mike Huckabee 329 2.20%
Rick Perry 236 1.60%
Carly Fiorina 178 1.20%
Jeb Bush 167 1.10%
John Kasich 139 0.90%
Bobby Jindal 124 0.80%
Rick Santorum 45 0.30%
Chris Christie 31 0.20%
Lindsey Graham 13 0.10%
George Pataki 9 0.10%


If Fox News used strictly our straw poll for next Thursday’s debate, the candidates included would be Trump, Cruz, Carson, Walker, Paul, Rubio, Huckabee, Perry, Fiorina, and Bush… notably excluding John Kasich and Chris Christie.

Our straw poll was conducted from July 6th to July 30th. Please note that the results of this poll are not scientific.

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