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How to Protect Christians Here at Home


The Pulse 2016‘s own Maggie Gallagher was on EWTN’s “News Nightly” yesterday, where she discussed APP’s First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) pledge which has been signed by six presidential candidates. She also addressed why passing FADA ought to be a significant priority for conservatives heading into 2016:

We need [FADA] because the Obama Administration told the Supreme Court that the tax-exempt status of Christian schools and charities will be in play after gay marriage. Major scholars like Notre Dame’s Rick Garnett are saying that Catholic schools and other schools that do not treat gay married students equally with other married students, that do not hire gay married teachers on an equal basis with others, will be deprived of federal funding. So this is a big club that could be used to shrink the space for people — Catholics and others of good will — who do not agree with gay marriage.

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