Princeton University Professor Robert George

Prof. Robert George Endorses Ted Cruz


Princeton University Professor Robert George
Princeton University Professor Robert George

On Thursday, America’s “most influential conservative Christian thinker” announced his support for Sen. Ted Cruz in the GOP primary race.

Professor Robert George once taught Sen. Cruz when Cruz was a student at Princeton University, where Prof. George holds the McCormick Professorship of Jurisprudence. George has more than personal reasons to support Cruz, however, as he has made his opposition to front runner Donald Trump clear in “An Appeal to Our Fellow Catholics,” a National Review article slamming Donald Trump as “manifestly unfit to be president of the United States.”

Prof. George praised Cruz’s dedication to the founding principles of the country, saying, “Moreover, he understands and is determined to restore the basic structural principles of the Constitution that our Founding Fathers knew were the true bulwarks protecting liberty.”

An October Bloomberg article identified Robert George’s role as a much sought after adviser for most of the Republican presidential candidates. Based on his record of political advice and philosophy, it seems that his primary reason for endorsing Ted Cruz is their shared focus on founding principles. George stated that Cruz “…will not only devote political capital to ensuring that every [judicial] nominee will protect our constitutional freedoms, but he will foster a culture, from the top down, that honors the Constitution – the one thing that, despite our differences, binds us all together as Americans.”

Kevin Dawson is Deputy Operations Manager for the American Principles Project.

Kevin Dawson

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