Planned Parenthood’s Latest Vulgar Gimmick: Anti-Trump Condoms


At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Planned Parenthood has been handing out condoms emblazoned with anti-Trump messages.

“Protect yourself from Trump,” the packaging on one says. “If Trump had his way, you would have to pay hundreds of dollars a year just to access birth control,” another says.

One of the packages says “You would be ‘punished’ for having an abortion.'”

Of course, Trump’s position on abortion is far less clear-cut than the condom’s assertion. When he made the comment about “punishment,” Trump took five different stances on the issue in three days.

Apparently, Planned Parenthood has distributed anti-nominee condoms at the last four GOP conventions.

The group has also started a Tumblr account dedicated to “spreading the truth” about Trump’s “racism, sexism, and bullying.”

Historically, political conventions have been known for their carnival-like, anything-goes atmosphere. And political groups have pulled outrageous stunts to either support or attack a particular candidate — often to the point of ridiculousness. In 1840 and 1888, campaigns rolled a massive ball covered with slogans from town to town. Quasi-military secret societies organized formal marches in support of the Lincoln campaign in 1860.

But Planned Parenthood’s crude joking takes things to a different level. The group makes light of an issues of immense gravity — human sexuality and abortion.

The political battles on these issues have a serious human cost. Studies have suggested that many women who get abortions tend to experience mental health issues like depression.

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Wherever one stands on abortion, everyone should recognize that these are sensitive topics. Real people are at the heart of these controversies, and they deserve respect and gentleness. Planned Parenthood’s vulgarity does not afford them these mercies.

Of course, the pro-abortion faction has no qualms making light of such weighty affairs. NARAL, another group of radical pro-abortion activists in the mold of Planned Parenthood recently released a sickening video trying to make abortion a subject of comedy.

Nearly 60 million Americans have been aborted since 1973, many in horrific late-term or partial birth abortions. Even those who believe in “a woman’s right to choose” ought to approach such a tragedy with humility and restraint, not gaudy humor or crass mockery.

Michael Lucchese works for the American Principles Project.

Michael Lucchese

Michael Lucchese is a regular contributor to

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