Liberal Professor Attacked by Other Leftists for Paper on “Transracialism”


For all the Left’s claims to care about science, they sure don’t care much about science.

Exhibit A: Rebecca Tuvel, a professor at Rhodes College, recently wrote an article in Hypatia, an “academic” journal exploring the logic of transgenderism and transracialism. Examining the case of Rachel Dolezal, the infamous white woman who claims to actually be a black woman, Tuvel argues that if one accepts a person can be born one gender and identify with another, logically there is no way to deny that one can be born one race and identify with another.

It should be noted that Tuvel is herself a left-wing feminist. She was not using the transracial logic to debunk transgenderism, she was simply exploring the idea.

The far-left response to the article is proof positive that the Left has officially lost their minds.

Nora Berenstain, a University of Tennessee professor of philosophy, wrote the following:

Tuvel enacts violence and perpetuates harm in numerous ways throughout her essay. She deadnames a trans woman. She uses the term “transgenderism.” She talks about “biological sex” and uses phrases like “male genitalia.” She focuses enormously on surgery, which promotes the objectification of trans bodies. She refers to “a male-to- female (mtf) trans individual who could return to male privilege,” promoting the harmful transmisogynistic ideology that trans women have (at some point had) male privilege. In her discussion of “transracialism,” Tuvel doesn’t cite a single woman of color philosopher, nor does she substantively engage with any work by Black women, nor does she cite or engage with the work of any Black trans women who have written on this topic.

Yes folks, you’re reading that right. Read it again so you understand the madness. No, this is not The Onion.

This woman believes that it is violent and bigoted to speak of “biological sex” and “male genitalia.” And she doesn’t mean symbolically violent. She means it is, in fact, an act of violence to speak about scientific reality.

And don’t think Berenstain is an outlier. Not only is she a professor at a mainstream university, but her argument has been backed by the forces of far-left academia, who signed a letter to Hypatia slamming them for publishing the article.

But wait, there’s more. Instead of promoting academic freedom, the journal apologized to the left-wingers. And they said the hate mail and abuse that Tuvel is receiving is “predictable and justifiable.”

The far Left has  become a parody of itself. This truly is 1984 stuff here.

(h/t National Review)

Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

Thomas Valentine

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