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Will Liberals Succeed in Making This Stadium a “Safe Space”?


A “pro-choice” group is showing exactly how anti-choice it actually is by attempting to turn the Kansas City Royals’ stadium into a “safe space” where pregnant women cannot be told that they have options besides abortion.

UltraViolet, a reproductive and homosexual rights advocacy organization, is upset that Kauffman Stadium is allowing the Vitae Foundation to advertise during baseball games. They are calling for the baseball team to cut ties with the foundation, which uses advertising to inform women facing unplanned pregnancies about local pregnancy centers.

The controversial ad on the electronic scoreboard shows a new mom and baby with the message: “VITAE Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary of Life-Saving Media / A Real Game Changer.”

This seemingly harmless ad really offended some snowflakes who want to turn the Royals stadium into a “safe space” where they can be free of seeing or hearing any messages they don’t like.

Karin Roland, UltraViolet’s chief campaigns officer, accused the Vitae Foundation of being “an extreme, radical, anti-choice interest group that has no business at a baseball game.”

A petition on UltraViolet’s website has over 44,000 signatures of people who agree with Roland that they “shouldn’t have to listen to and be forced to watch extreme propaganda from an anti-choice group while we watch a baseball game.”

The Royals responded with a statement to USA TODAY Sports:

We entered into an agreement with the Vitae Foundation at the start of the 2016 season. It is primarily a radio advertisement buy. Vitae has similar agreements with other properties and media outlets. Separate from the ad campaign and as a general manner of practice, the club takes no official position on culturally sensitive issues.

Unsatisfied with that explanation, UltraViolet hired an airplane to fly over the stadium before last night’s game pulling a banner reading: “ROYALS FANS DESERVE TRUTH ― DROP VITAE.”

UltraViolet’s definition of the “truth” must mean blinding women from options they can choose besides abortion.

Luckily, some people realized the ridiculousness in UltraViolet’s complaining:

There’s nothing more American than a baseball game — except for freedom of speech. Yet UltraViolet is attempting to silence the Vitae Foundation’s speech. If they succeed, baseball stadiums will join the ranks with college campuses as places where left-wing snowflakes can silence the voices of anyone who disagrees with their ideology.

Photo credit: Bryce Edwards via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

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