Radical Left Continues Assault on Military with New Transgender Policy


As society has drifted more towards radical leftist policies in recent decades, the United States Armed Forces has long been looked to as a pillar of morality and honor within the republic. In recent years, however, even this sacred institution has been politicized and violated in ways that past generations of American heroes would find unthinkable.

It began in December 2010, when a lame duck Congress hastily passed a repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy, which had been in place since 1993. The military began to allow open homosexuality just six months later. Earlier that year, on February 2nd, 2010, Senator John McCain read from a letter signed by over one thousand former generals and admirals. It said in reference to DADT:

We firmly believe that this law, which Congress passed to protect good order, discipline and morale in the unique environment of the armed forces, deserves continued support.

Senior military officers — not politicians — are the leaders best capable of making the decision about whether or not such a radical policy change is a positive influence for the country and its armed services. Around the same time of the repeal, a Department of Defense survey was conducted about the possible impact of such a decision. In the Army and Marine Corps, nearly 60 percent believed that such a repeal would have a negative impact on the effectiveness of their unit. When considering simply Marine combat units, it was significantly higher at 67 percent. Despite the objections of both leadership and the rank and file, the law was passed.

In 2014, with a Republican-controlled Congress, the National Defense Authorization Act passed by overwhelming majorities with most Republican congressmen and senators supporting it. This bill also contained a provision eliminating Uniform Code of Military Justice Article 125, which banned all forms of sodomy under military law. This statute was implemented indiscriminately because the best and brightest of the military clearly felt this sort of conduct was unbecoming of a member of the US Armed Forces. It is yet another sign of declining times that this is no longer the case.

Even today, with a Republican-controlled Congress and White House, there seems to be no serious effort to roll back either major change within the culture of our military. On the contrary, the buzz in the news recently is over the upcoming scheduled inclusion of openly transgender recruits. While transgender individuals currently in the military have been allowed to serve openly for nearly a year, Secretary of Defense James Mattis recently delayed the scheduled July 1st date of full implementation of a new enlistment policy to the beginning of next year. This was only after the military service chiefs made a joint request for a delay.

Dana White, a Pentagon spokesperson, provided this as an explanation:

The services will review their accession plans and provide input on the impact to the readiness and lethality of our forces.

This is extremely vague reasoning which doesn’t seem to suggest any sort of serious reconsideration for reversing the already existing policy change on this subject — a policy change which has even gone so far as extending military health benefits to include sex re-assignment surgery.

Center for Military Readiness President Elaine Donnelly summed up the overall changes succinctly when she stated:

Military leaders are being ordered to adopt this policy, to promote it, to conduct education classes, even down to the Department of Defense elementary schools – the largest school system in the world. Everybody in the armed forces will be indoctrinated to talk about gender dysphoria as if it is a normal condition, and as if they are a civil rights group.

Congress was the first to get the ball rolling on the leftist social engineering of our armed forces just a few years ago. They could make a serious attempt to roll back the destructive policies of the previous administration if they wish. But sadly, besides some light saber rattling, there has been very little movement to do so.

The morality of our society matters, and the damage may be irreversible unless the military is reclaimed as a cornerstone of that as soon as possible.

Ajay Bruno

Ajay Bruno is a conservative political consultant, writer, Internet talk radio host, and activist who has worked on campaigns at all levels, including serving as New Hampshire State Director for the Michele Bachmann presidential campaign.

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