WATCH: Democrats Run Disgusting, Race-Baiting Attack Ad in Va.


This week, a George Soros-backed PAC supporting Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam released an ad against Republican Ed Gillespie so disturbing that even the far-left Washington Post called it “vile”:

The ad came out one day before the terrorist attack in New York, where a man used a truck to mow down and kill 8 people.

The group pulled the ad after the attack, but Northam’s campaign didn’t disown it. A campaign spokesman said, “It’s not shocking that communities of color are scared of what his Trump-like policy positions mean for them.” Northam himself defended it, justifying it by saying Gillespie’s ads “have promoted fearmongering, hatred, bigotry, racial divisiveness.”

But as the ad blew up and the backlash began, Northam promptly backtracked, saying, “That commercial did not come from our campaign. It is certainly not a commercial I would have want to run.” But the plot thickens: a local FOX station reports that Northam’s campaign accepted the ad as an in-kind contribution from the Latino Victory Fund.

For his part, Ed Gillespie released his own ad in response:

Ralph Northam is a dirty, dishonest, race-baiting candidate who deserves to lose on Tuesday.

Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

Thomas Valentine

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