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Dems Know the Green New Deal Won’t Pass — So They’re Calling Its Vote a “Sham”


Fresh off a hilarious, failed attempt to get liberal Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) to pledge to vote ‘yes’ on the “Green New Deal,” proponents of this effort to bankrupt America are now complaining that the upcoming Senate vote is “a sham.”

E&E News reports:

If Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) calls a vote on the “Green New Deal,” it looks likely that many — or even all — Senate Democrats would vote “present” to avoid a public intraparty fight, said activists, lawmakers and congressional aides.

The environmental group behind the climate resolution is not planning to punish Democratic lawmakers for doing so — a departure from the Sunrise Movement’s recent history of attacking both Democrats and Republicans who question the “Green New Deal,” a massive government-led jobs program.

“This vote is a sham,” said Evan Weber, co-founder and political director of the Sunrise Movement. “Mitch McConnell obviously doesn’t support [the “Green New Deal”] so he’s trying to put [the vote] forward as a political ploy.”

Because of that motivation, Weber said he would be fine with Senate Democrats simply voting “present” on the resolution. [Emphasis added]

It’s quite revealing that the same organization that just days ago begged a prominent Democratic senator to back its proposal is now publicly saying ‘it’s okay, no one has to vote for this.’

Clearly, even the most ardent supporters of the “Green New Deal” can see the writing is on the wall. Rather than face the humiliation of watching their socialist $93 trillion spending plan get publicly repudiated by those most sympathetic to its message, they want to call the whole thing off.

Even more comical, yesterday the ‘Sunrise Movement’ protested at Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office “to challenge McConnell’s plan to fast-track a vote on the resolution in the Senate.” I guess the protestors would prefer McConnell took the same tack as Nancy Pelosi by refusing to commit to a vote on the “Green Dream”?

While McConnell’s office was reportedly accommodative of the protestors, the Sunrise Movement responded to a statement from McConnell with a certain expletive. Listen, Sunrise Movement, if you are going to be co-opting children for political gain you should at least be more careful with your language around them! I’d suggest washing your mouth out with soap — however, I know that many are petroleum-based.

In the past week, the “Green New Deal” lobbying strategy has deteriorated from begging for ‘yes’ votes to demanding McConnell call the whole thing off. Democrats may refer to the vote as a “sham,” but the real fiction is that the purpose of the Green New Deal is to promote environmentalism, rather than socialism.

Photo credit: Senate Democrats via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Jonathan Decker

Jonathan Decker is the Chief Economic Correspondent for

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