Dozens of Abortion Clinic Staffers Leaving Jobs After Seeing “Unplanned”


While pro-lifers flocked to see “Unplanned” and helped it reach the $6.1 million initial box office debut it achieved, the pro-life film has caused surprising results among abortion supporters. Almost 100 abortion clinic workers are now seeking to leave the industry after watching the film.

“Unplanned” writer and director Chuck Konzelman testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on the Constitution last Wednesday. He revealed that since the premiere of the film, 94 current abortion clinic staffers have reached out to seek help in leaving their jobs. Konzelman estimated that this makes up roughly 1 percent of United States abortion workers.

“One percent of the abortion workers in the United States, after getting one look at them being portrayed on film…have decided to change their lives…and what they do for a living,” he stated.

You can watch Konzelman’s full testimony below:

“Unplanned” shares the story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who became a pro-life advocate. These 94 abortion workers have sought help from Johnson’s nonprofit And Then There Were None.

And Then There Were None (ATTWN) is dedicated to partnering with abortion workers who seek to leave the  industry. To date, they have helped almost 500 workers leave their abortion clinics behind. They provide financial and legal assistance, help former workers find employment, and give emotional and spiritual support. “No abortion clinic workers, no abortion clinics, no abortions,” their site reads. “It starts with the workers.”

The nonprofit has received the endorsement of pro-life leaders throughout the country, including that of Kristan Hawkins, the executive director of Students for Life. She stated:

And Then There Were None is crucial to the pro-life movement and our message of hope and love. They fill a vital role that is dealing a final blow to the abortion industry.

Ashley Bratcher, the actress who plays Johnson in the film, has also shared that she has received countless messages detailing the impact the pro-life film is having across the country tweeting out:

“Unplanned” may have faced continuous obstacles and criticism, but those things certainly have not dampened the winsome impact it is having on hearts and minds across the country.

Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

Kelvey Vander Hart

Kelvey Vander Hart is passionate about Jesus, conservatism, fitness, and fantastic coffee; she is also the Associate Editor at Caffeinated Thoughts. She can be followed on Twitter @kovanderhart.

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