‘NOT GUILTY’ – President Trump Acquitted by Senate 52-48


The United States Senate has reached a verdict of NOT GUILTY in the impeachment case against President Donald J. Trump.

The verdict follows months of a partisan, flimsy impeachment process originally launched by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff, and the wider Democratic Party of America.

President Trump’s approval ratings have risen during the process, as have those of the Republican Party.

The final vote count on Article 1 (Abuse of Power) was 52-48 (Not Guilty – Guilty).

The final vote count on Article 2 (Obstruction of Congress) was 53-47 (Not Guilty – Guilty).

The House is expected to attempt to restart the process, at vast cost to U.S. tax payers, by subpoenaing former Trump administration national security advisor John Bolton.


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