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Left Media Panics, Declares Trump-District Candidate Laura Loomer ‘Could Actually Get to Congress’


The Big Tech censorship of Republican Congressional primary candidate Laura Loomer appears to have failed in tipping the scales against her Florida campaign, with new polling and financial numbers showing Loomer with a significant lead.

As a result, a media storm has again begun, in order to discredit the Trump-favored candidate.

CNN contributor and far-left radio host Dean Obeidallah lamented Loomer’s recent victories in an opinion article published by the Daily Beast this weekend in which he complained:

“Loomer is someone who, in the times before Trump, would’ve been marginalized to the fringes of society along with other bigots and racists. But these aren’t normal times. This is the time of Trump, and Loomer is Trumpism personified. She fits perfectly in today’s party of Trump which is why in August 2019 she announced her run for Congress as a Republican to take on Democratic Rep. Lois Frankel in the Palm Beach-area district.”

The 26-year-old Jewish woman, a broadcast journalism graduate from Barry University in Florida, has scarcely let big tech censorship and media bias stand in her way.

Shooting to fame after handcuffing herself to the doors of Twitter HQ after a number of anti-First Amendment bans against her, Loomer has outraised her political opponents financially and appears to hold the favor of “MAGA” stalwarts, President Trump included.

In early December, the President of the United States retweeted a donation call from one of Loomer’s supporters.

More recently, the Trump 2020 campaign used her email list to reach potential donors. The ‘Loomered’ header comes from her personal news site. 

Rep. Jim Jordan – who served on the President’s impeachment defense team – also used her email list for his 2020 campaign, and she has received an equally warm reception from Fox News host Jeanine Pirro who reportedly endorsed her in December.

Now the knives are out again, with extremists and their sympathizers taking to the pages of left-wing outlets like the Daily Beast and Twitter to trash Loomer.

Hardline anti-Semite Linda Sarsour resumed her grudge against Loomer this weekend after the citizen journalist-turned-candidate exposed her multiple times. Loomer has previously worked at James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas organization, which continues to expose hard-left operatives and has been similarly targeted by Big Tech for having the temerity to do so.

Loomer has recently also attracted the ire of CNN contributor and Qatar-funded commentator Mehdi Hasan, who fled his positions in the United Kingdom after being exposed as a radical who called non-Muslims “cattle”.

Loomer told the National Pulse exclusively: “Obeidallah’s article on the Daily Beast was typical for a leftist commentator. Regardless of what he had to say about me, he recycled false talking points to attack Project Veritas and their proven work. The article is nothing more than fantasy being written by an author who hates America’s values. But at least the Daily Beast admits I’ll be the GOP nominee for the 21st Congressional district. Even my haters know I’m a winner.”

Closer to home, the Florida Republican Party Chairman and State Senator Joe Gruters had Loomer headline a press conference announcing bill to stop social media censorship, the pièce de résistance of her conservative activism.

Alongside other Republican state officials, he proclaimed: “I am proud to have Laura Loomer stand with me here today.”

Loomer has outraised the district’s Democratic incumbent for two months straight, amassing a nearly $400,000 war chest in the district.

She told the Pulse: “People are paying attention to my race. From President Trump’s retweet of a supporter who told people to donate to my campaign to our record setting fundraising dominance. My race to win Florida 21 has become the top Congressional race to watch in the nation. With that said, the mainstream media has done their best to ignore me, which is typical and expected. The leftist media has even attempted to remain silent but now that it’s clear that my race is competitive, they are on the attack.”

Palm Beach newspaper highlights Big Tech’s influence on the election

Asked if she believes she is in a genuine position to win in President Trump’s official home and voting district (Florida 21), Loomer responded: “Yes, we’re going to win. I am going to win, even while being the most banned woman in the world.

“Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal have banned my accounts, even creating new, frivolous rules to sideline my campaign. In response, my campaign has retained top election attorney Charlie Spies who has filed an FEC complaint against Twitter on behalf of my campaign. By allowing my campaign to not have access to Twitter while allowing my opponents to have access, Twitter is making illegal in kind contributions to my opponent.”

Recent developments – including extraordinary polling in Loomer’s favor – have no doubt triggered a reaction from the establishment left: they’re sounding the alarm on her candidacy, conceding she “could actually get to Congress”.

Obeidallah’s article laments the possibility of Loomer winning the Republican primary and Congressional race, branding her as “Trumpism Personified”.

But the SiriusXM host unintentionally makes a resounding case for people in Florida’s 21st district to vote for Loomer: “for those who think Trumpism ends with Trump, think again. Loomer is […] part of a younger generation that will be with us long after Trump.”

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