Showtime Turns Conservative, Christian Politician Into Gay Adulterer


A Christian, conservative, and married politician transformed into a gay adulterer on a recent episode of Showtime’s “Black Monday.”

Airing March 15th, the episode comes just days after prominent, married Democratic politician Andrew Gillum was found alone in a Miami hotel room with a severely intoxicated gay male escort and bags of crystal meth. The former Tallahassee mayor ran a failed gubernatorial campaign against Ron DeSantis, gaining support from several high-profile Democrats including President Obama.

Predictably, Hollywood and the legacy media including CBS-owned Showtime turned a blind eye, instead concocting an affair between a lobbyist and a married Republican, playing into the left’s “hypocritical Christian conservative” trope.

While the series takes place in the 1980s, chronicling the lead-up and fallout of the 1987 “Black Monday” stock market crash, Hollywood writers thought it was imperative to include an adulterous gay love affair in the script.

In the controversial episode, a major stockbroker, Blair Pfaff, attempts to persuade an influential congressman to spearhead legislation to deregulate banks.

In response, Congressman Harris asks: “You want to rewrite U.S. law so you and your Wall Street cronies can buy up retail banks and use the savings of honest, God-fearing Americans to gamble on the stock market?”

Eerily similar to the establishment-sanctioned bailouts of 2008 at the expense of the American taxpayer, Pfaff responds affirmatively: “My man! Yeah, do we have a deal?”

Congressman Harris response highlights his religious, conservative values which the writers have him abandon minutes later: “I’m the chair of the House Ethics Committee. I started the Family Values Caucus, I coined the phrase, ‘Moral Majority.’ I invented the parental advisory stickers that protect kids from rap.”


However, following this dialogue, Pfaff and the congressman, who also happens to be the son-in-law of a noted televangelist, kiss before entering a hotel bedroom alone.

While political sex scandals are not confined to one side of the aisle, Hollywood’s depiction certainly makes it seem that way.

Given the entertainment industry’s devotion to liberalism and rampant anti-Christian and anti-conservative bias, it’s clear this effort is intentional.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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