Make No Mistake, ‘President Cuomo’ Would Be More Radical Than Biden


The Democratic Party has a serious problem right now: Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee.

It took Biden six days to respond to the coronavirus emergency, and subsequent appearances have been nothing short of rambling and incoherent.

As a private citizen, Biden has no official role to play in our current crisis, while his opponent President Trump is front and center. These factors have caused Democratic strategists to wonder if there might be an alternative.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been drawing a favorable contrast to the hapless Biden.

Like Trump, Cuomo has been in front of the cameras as he leads his state’s response to the pandemic.

Unlike Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Cuomo has parked his partisanship – at least momentarily – cooperating with the Trump administration.

A savvy operator from a political family, Cuomo understands the benefit of putting politics to one side. While he has ruled out running in the 2020 primary (and has already endorsed Biden), that has not stopped pundits fantasizing a dark horse campaign.

Biden may hold an impressive delegate lead, but hasn’t yet wrapped up the nomination.

It remains possible that he arrives at the convention with less than a full majority, meaning Democratic delegates (including the infamous superdelegates) will have the option of picking someone besides ‘Sleepy Joe’.

The last time there was a brokered Democratic convention was in 1968, when Democratic insiders picked Hubert Humphrey.

Young leftists rioted throughout Chicago that summer, and Humphrey went on to lose to Richard Nixon anyway.

Spurning Biden, however, is unlikely to provoke many riots.

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Forty-three percent of likely Democratic voters are willing to support someone else in November, according to a recent poll.

For now, Joe Biden is the devil they know: a high-profile Senator for many years, and Vice President under Barack Obama.

On the other hand, this pandemic might be many voters’ first exposure to Governor Cuomo.

Centrists and Republicans hesitant about voting for President Trump might think that Cuomo could be the moderate Democratic statesman they are looking for. Don’t be fooled though. Andrew Cuomo represents the worst of leftist authoritarianism, and a Cuomo White House would be a disaster for America.

As Governor of New York, Cuomo has taken positions at the extreme left of American political discourse.

He has used his position to hinder enforcement of immigration law.

In 2018, Cuomo pardoned seven illegal aliens facing deportation. Last summer he signed a law allowing illegals to apply for drivers’ licenses while also blocking the ability of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to use New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) data to determine immigration status.

All the Democrats who competed in this year’s presidential primary have already promised free healthcare for illegal aliens. A potential President Cuomo would completely erase the distinction between legal and illegal immigrant.

Despite claiming to be a proud Catholic, Cuomo signed into law one of the most radical pro-abortion laws in the nation, not only legalizing late-term abortion but also removing a requirement that only licensed physicians perform the practice.

Cuomo would undoubtedly return to the Obama tradition of appointing only the most extreme progressive judges to the Supreme Court, severely setting back the pro-life cause.

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Finally, Andrew Cuomo has declared all-out war on the Second Amendment in New York.

He has used tragedies like the Sandy Hook shooting to justify so-called “assault weapons” bans as well as red flag laws that allow police to confiscate firearms without due process. Cuomo took this war a step further in the past year, leaning on payment processors to cease doing business with the NRA and other gun rights organizations.

As a Democrat in a blue state, Cuomo has not faced a serious political challenge in many years.

Even though New York state is full of rural red Republican counties once you get outside the Big Apple, Cuomo seems to believe that conservatives don’t matter anymore.

“…[T]he extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are,” he said during his 2014 reelection campaign. Imagine this eliminationist rhetoric in Washington, D.C.

President Cuomo would surely say to the hundred million Americans who are pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-traditional marriage, and believe in a real national border that they are not welcome in America, because that’s “not who we are”.

Make no mistake: Andrew Cuomo is not a moderate, not a statesman, and not what America needs, especially now.

As bad as Biden in high office would be, Cuomo would be much worse.

Brian Almon

Brian Almon is a 2020 National Pulse Writing Fellow

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