World Health Org Ignored Early Warning Over Human-to-Human Coronavirus Transmission to Appease China


The World Health Organization ignored questions about novel coronavirus human-to-human transmission in December, ostensibly to avoid angering the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

WHO’s status as a CCP puppet dates back to the beginnings of the outbreak: “When Taiwan wrote to the WHO in late December asking whether there was human-to-human transmission in the virus outbreak in Wuhan, the who, the body now admits, did not reply,” according to the Economist.

While Taiwan sought information that would have increased health officials’ ability to respond appropriately to the virus, the WHO failed them, placing China’s territorial ambitions over the health of Taiwanese citizens.

This follows a bizarre video call where a Taiwanese reporter asked Senior WHO Official Bruce Aylward if the organization would consider granting Taiwan membership – a logical conclusion given the country’s comprehensive coronavirus response, even earning it high marks from CNN.

Aylward doesn’t answer, citing technical difficulties as his excuse, and asks the report to skip to the next question before ending the call. Once the call reconnects, the reporter asked Aylward to discuss Taiwan’s virus response, to which he parrots CCP talking points, likening Taiwan to a Chinese territory.

The antagonism between China and Taiwan emanates from the CCP’s belief it has the right to assert control over Taiwan and the surrounding South China Sea, but the island nation, a democratic state with countless freedoms absent in China, wants to remain independent. Accordingly, China has thwarted Taiwanese admission into the United Nations, demonstrating the body’s subservience to the CCP.

And the UN’s kowtowing to China has been on full display in light of the coronavirus pandemic with the body, which oversees the WHO, falsely praising the regime for its “transparency” and condemning President Trump’s China travel ban as “increasing fear and stigma, with little public health benefit.”

Proving once again, the WHO is very deserving of President Trump’s ‘very China centric’ description.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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