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Why Can’t Democrats Just Be Normal? 


The economy has been shut down. The government has taken on massive new powers. A virus of unknown infectivity and lethality rates is running rampant.

Given the extraordinary circumstances, it was hard to imagine anybody could think this was a moment for partisanship.

Truly, it was the hope of all patriotic Americans that Democrats could find a way to be normal human beings. At least until the crisis expires and things begin to resemble normalcy.

Democrats made sure to obliterate those hopes when they tanked a bipartisan CCP Virus relief bill, and just today nixed the idea of more relief for small businesses because they didn’t get their way on funding for their preferred causes, including mail-in ballots which are susceptible to fraud.

Sure, the original bill was far from perfect, and Democrats had plenty to be happy about.

That bill was set to give businesses desperately needed liquidity, and give the American people some amount of money to tide them over until the government allows them to work again. At least, that was how normal people saw it.

Democrats saw it as a tremendous opportunity to score items on their political wish list.

Normally, they wouldn’t have the power to accomplish this in the Senate without the support of Republican defections. But these were unique times. The Republicans were short on votes due to multiple Senators being placed in quarantine. And Democrats pounced.

They took advantage of Republican absences, crashing a bipartisan bill seemingly negotiated in good faith.

The bill Pelosi proposed to replace it was stuffed with asinine elements of the standard Democrat wish list, including the cancelation of all Post Office debt owed to the Treasury, and new carbon emission standards for airlines.

Those might have been the more sane requests. Among the even more deranged asks, were the enforcement of racial quotas in private boardrooms.

It was one of the most cynical ploys ever perpetrated by a political party, immoral to the highest degree. A genuinely malevolent attempt to hold struggling Americans hostage until they caved to Democrats’ radical, partisan demands. It was one of the most despicable things we have ever witnessed. And I am so glad that Democrats chose to do it.

Because, put simply, Democrats are incapable of being normal. Even in times of crisis.

It’s a tempting proposition to think about Democrats stepping up when it really matters. It might seem like a worthy exchange. In the short run, it would help people just a moment sooner. And that’s a good thing. But is it really the most good thing that could possibly happen? What’s the end result of a Democrat pretending they’re a normal human being, when they’re obviously not?

The end result of that is Democrats avoiding consequences for their actions. They’ll destroy the country in peace and privacy when the American people have restored their usual blind eye to the circus of congress. When the American public gets back on their feet—because that’s what they do—they’ll go back to ignoring the clowns on Capitol Hill in both parties.

NASA Image (2020)

As the attention of the people wanes, so too do the political consequences of immoral behavior.

Rather than sticking all of their favorite hobby horses in one bill of monumental importance, they’ll sneak those same hobby horses into different and less consequential bills. It will all get done, just a little slower. The damage done wouldn’t be nearly so immediate, but it would add up. Eventually, the accumulated wounds would be just as severe as a single blow.

Meanwhile, Democrats realized they don’t yet have the political capital to pull this off.

The American people will get their relief, delayed only by a moment. It will include some absurd pork, because that’s the nature of government. But the bulk of their insanity will have been thwarted. And more importantly than just getting most of the government largesse out of the bill? The Democrats told each and every American just who they are.

Now, it’s incumbent on all of us to believe them.

If someone is going to work against me, I want them to move swiftly and clumsily. I want them to snap branches, and fall over their own shoelaces. The Democrats didn’t work against me in particular, but they worked against the American people. They moved swiftly, and they were as clumsy as is imaginable.

In November, there will be a tremendous opportunity to punish these Democrats for their actions. They can be removed from office, and they will no longer be in a position to take such craven approaches. This opportunity wouldn’t have existed if Democrats were capable of just being normal.

Lead Image Credit: DonkyHotey (Flickr/CC)

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