UN: Coronavirus Presents ‘Opportunity To Unstereotype Gender Roles’


The UN is using the coronavirus to push its feminist agenda – disguised as “gender equality” – despite men constituting the overwhelming majority of virus-related deaths.

The body is seizing the global pandemic as “a great opportunity to “unstereotype” the gender roles that play out in households” in its new “Gender Equality in the Time of COVID-19” report.

The report is chock full of gender-based, identity politics, and claims that “pandemics make existing inequalities for women and girls worse.”

This follows the UN’s request for “decision makers to slow down” as an “effective countermeasure to unconscious bias” per the advice of ‘racial justice experts’.”

Alongside this push for equality, in classic feminist fashion, the United Nations also champions special treatment for women.

Countries need to “ensure that the needs of female nurses and doctors are integrated into every aspect of the response effort” and ensure “at a minimum, this means ensuring that menstrual hygiene products such as sanitary pads and tampons are available for female caregivers and frontline responders as part of personal protective equipment.”

This mindset carries over into the post-coronavirus world.

“Leaders must find a way to include women in response and recovery decision-making,” the report adds.

Concerning the economy, “bailout and stimulus packages must include social protection measures that reflect an understanding of women’s special circumstances and recognition of the care economy.”

It’s also advising member states to “focus on people, especially the most affected: women, older persons, youth, low-wage workers, small and medium enterprises, the informal sector and vulnerable groups”.

While feminists may have coined the term “gender gap,” it has taken on a whole new meaning in light of coronavirus.

In Italy and Spain, men accounted for over 70 percent of all coronavirus-related deaths. In New York, coronavirus is claiming male victims twice as often as females.

It’s so obvious that even the mainstream media has set their feminist blinders aside to highlight this divide:

“Physicians working at hospitals throughout the city say the gender disparity is stark and impossible to miss,” according to The New York Times.

The UN also frets about the lack of “family planning and other sexual and reproductive health commodities” that are “central to women’s empowerment” potentially being “impacted as supply chains undergo strains from pandemic response.”

In other words, the decades of globalist-sanctioned outsourcing pushed by supranational bodies like the UN have backfired.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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