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Justice for General Flynn.


Justice may finally be coming for Lt. General Michael Flynn.

A complete and total exoneration, and a serious look at the depth of his prosecutor’s misconduct. This is according to new legal filings by Flynn’s relentless pitbull, patriot attorney, Sidney Powell.

Lt. General Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in November of 2017. As part of his guilty plea, it was agreed upon that Flynn would cooperate fully with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. The motive was clear from the start.

The prosecution’s goal for General Flynn to flip on President Donald J. Trump, forcing some kind of “confession” vis-a-vis Russian collusion that didn’t exist. Perhaps Flynn could also flip on Trump for the obstruction of justice charge that then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe unilaterally opened.

It isn’t unusual, nor illegal, for the FBI to coerce testimony out of a suspect in order to pursue a larger suspect. Of course, it’s usually reserved for making mobsters flip on their bosses.

It was a particularly perverted use of the tactic to try to make an advisor flip on his President.

It was never ethical, and that much was obvious. But now? We know it was never legal.

Whenever the prosecution flips a defendant into a cooperating witness, they must be transparent with the court and other defendants on just how they enticed that person to cooperate. This is done to ensure due process in the courtroom.

If a mobster is flipping on his boss in exchange for charges being dropped, the jury has to know that. It colors the motivations of the mobster, and should be part of the deliberations. This practice was solidified into law by the Giglio v. United States Supreme Court case.

Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, is alleging there was a secret deal between the prosecutor Brandon Van Grack and Flynn’s previous defense lawyers who worked at the Covington law firm. The contents of the deal were sickening in their lack of ethics, and made illegal by Grack’s lack of transparency with the court.

After baselessly threatening to prosecute Michael Flynn’s son with a crime, Grack quietly told the Covington attorneys the Special Counsel’s Office (SCO) would decline to prosecute Flynn’s son, if Flynn himself pleaded guilty.

He made sure never overtly commit to this, but the Covington attorneys understood exactly what was happening.

In Exhibit 1 (below) of Powell’s supplement to dismiss, she reveals a largely redacted email correspondence between two attorneys at the Covington law firm. The unredacted portions of the email are damning for those who attempted to prosecute Lt. General Flynn.

Exhibit 1

There is Robert Kelner of Covington, informing his colleague Stephen Anthony that they “have a lawyers’ unofficial understanding that they are unlikely to charge Junior in light of the cooperation agreement.”

“Junior” is a reference to Michael G. Flynn, the son of Lt. General Michael T. Flynn.

In case there was any doubt of just whom was being referenced by the Covington attorneys in Exhibit 1, Sidney Powell included Exhibit 2 (below). Exhibit 2 is another largely redacted correspondence between the two attorneys, which removes much of the doubt.

Exhibit 2

Sidney Powell has been on a legal quest to get Lt. General Flynn’s case dismissed for egregious government misconduct. And what’s shown there—a blatant withholding of Giglio material from the court—is definitely an example of egregious government misconduct.

Perhaps the most enticing line of the legal filing was when Sidney Powell revealed that the government advised her there was “more to come” in the realm of exculpatory evidence for Lt. General Flynn.

This evidence is likely coming from the US Attorney in St. Louis: Jeffery Jensen, who was tapped by Attorney General William Barr to perform a review of the Flynn case. Evidently it was both necessary and fruitful, as it already produced a Giglio violation and a promise of more to come.

We received a clue of what might be to come when Maria Bartiromo hosted Doug Colins for a segment on her Fox News show.

During the segment, Maria said there are notes taken by James Baker about the meeting between FBI agents and Flynn conducted at the White House. The meeting in which Flynn allegedly lied to the FBI.

According to Maria, these notes by the FBI’s former chief legal counsel say that the meeting was a “complete setup”, and that “Flynn never lied”.

We should learn more about the destruction of Michael Flynn by the government he served honorably very soon.

Maria Bartiromo had sources telling her that Michael T. Flynn would be exonerated within the week. For the sake of justice, we can only hope that her sources are completely right.

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