Bill Hagerty Maxed Out Donations To John McCain At Peak Of Trump Feud


Tennessee Senate wannabe Bill Hagerty donated to John McCain’s SuperPAC at the peak of the late Senator’s feud with then-candidate Trump, symbolic of Hagerty’s establishment Republican views he’s now trying to conceal.

It’s the latest evidence proving the Romney and Bush campaign staffer’s sudden pro-Trump, anti-establishment shift is not rooted in support for the president’s populist agenda but rather calculated for votes.

The news is in addition to the fact Hagerty’s first choice in the 2016 presidential race was Jeb Bush, followed by Marco Rubio, and he worked for Never Trump Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, using his position to garner favors from the establishment politicians.

While the forces conspiring to undermine candidate Trump were immeasurable, the notorious feud with McCain epitomized the Trump vs. Republican establishment civil war.

Focused chiefly on immigration and foreign policy differences, failed GOP presidential candidate McCain rebuked Trump from the outset, even refusing to attend the Republican National Convention as Trump cruised to victory as the party’s nominee.

While the feud ebbed and flowed, it hit one of its peaks in mid-2016. Right when Hagerty appeared to donate to McCain’s personal PAC.

When President Trump was looking for support against the establishment Hagerty purports to be against, Hagerty helped fund the figurehead orchestrating the attacks: he donated the maximum amount possible to the Friends of John McCain PAC on June 29th, 2016 according to Federal Election Commission records:

The PAC – or “political action committee” – was McCain’s slush fund for his Senate campaign, meaning Hagerty was helping to ensure McCain’s re-election, placing yet another Trump foe in the Senate and giving him a broader platform to bash the president.

I’s not even the first time Hagerty helped him: he served on McCain’s 2008 Presidential Transition Team.

Hagerty eventually donated $5,400 to two Trump campaign super PACS over two months after his McCain-emboldening donation.

Too little, too late.

It’s abundantly clear: Hagerty is an establishment Republican through and through, and his newfound pro-Trump convictions are merely a ploy.

President Trump has come so far in his quest to retrofit the Republican party to represent working Americans – the antithesis of the McCain ilk – and sending Hagerty to Washington would be a major step back.

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