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Why is the Chinese Communist Party Targeting Steve Bannon? Because He’s Right About Them.


There are few entities in geopolitics that practice information warfare as fervently and efficiently as the Chinese Communist Party.

In order to assist their efforts of achieving political goals by bending information and distorting the truth, the CCP has an entire network of media assets to flood airwaves and every other medium with their carefully crafted narratives.

They’re masters of propaganda, and they’ve found a new target, former White House Chief Strategist and renowned CCP-hawk Stephen K. Bannon.

The opening salvo against Bannon came courtesy of this article on the China Global Television Network’s website.

The article talks about how Bannon is a “known far-right nationalist” who should be dismissed, because he’s always frothing at the mouth about China. Immediately after, the writer of the piece claims Bannon is only frothing at the mouth about China because he’s looking to recapture some lost relevance.

If this propaganda is to be believed, Bannon is attempting to gain relevance by doing exactly what he was doing upon allegedly losing this relevance. Obviously, that makes no sense. As always with propaganda, making sense isn’t the goal.

The next piece of the attack came courtesy of Xinhuanet, when the CCP’s chosen mouthpiece opened his article by calling Bannon a “proven far-right fringe extremist”. Are you detecting a pattern? It almost sounds like coordination, doesn’t it?

And yet, no word from CNN and others about “foreign intervention” in American politics. But more of that another time.

The content of the Xinhua is broadly meaningless. Again, not the point.

Their goal is to flood the zone with so much misinformation that no one really knows what to believe anymore. Something the left accused Russia of with scarcely as much evidence as there already is for CCP agitprop.

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The most recent attack on Bannon came from China Central TV’s website itself.

In the article, Bannon is labeled as an “ultra-right political strategist” who “has always held aggressive far-right political views, regularly advocating racism and xenophobia”.

Not only is the pattern holding, but now it’s evolving.

Rather than merely dismiss Bannon as “far-right” or “alt-right” or even “ultra-mega-super-right-wing”, they’ve upgraded to baldly lying, claiming that Bannon is some champion of racists. Remember, this is a man who has called ethno-nationalists “losers”. Some racist!

Again, the goal of propaganda isn’t to make sense.

The goal of propaganda is to staple an unfavorable narrative to the target, discrediting their words and simultaneously painting yourself as the sympathetic victim of underserved ire.

The recent attempt maybe rushed and hamfisted, but if not for the hawks, it might be effective. Especially as social media platforms in the West seem reluctant to pull down Chinese propaganda – learning no lessons from the whole “Russian bot” debacle.

By labeling Bannon as “far right” and a bunch of comical derivatives of the same concept, the CCP is hoping to enlist the Left into the propaganda fight by duping the useful idiots into thinking China is fighting the same political war with Bannon that the American Left is.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Bannon has launched an aggressive and relentless assault on the reputation of the CCP since his career in politics began, and he’s done that because the CCP is the world’s most consistent violator of human rights, and the most destructive political force in world history.

The truth of their villany has flown under the radar, and avoided the scrutiny of the American people. But after their malicious actions to toss the world into a global pandemic, the eyes of the American people are wide open.

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The CCP is firing back at Bannon now, and the force behind their retaliation exposes their desperation.

Those three articles came within hours of each other. It is part of a coordinated barrage. America’s most powerful foreign adversary is frantically targeting one political commentator. Their smears inadvertently describe their motive. By calling Bannon every synonym of “more-right-than-usual” that they can think of, they tacitly admit that America’s right-wing has transformed into a political body capable of doing tremendous damage to the world’s most oppressive and malevolent regime.

The CCP realizes that American nationalism is the political philosophy most responsible for waking the country up and exposing the evil of China’s communist regime. One of their propagandists coyly admits to this fact by stating in part: “The biggest threat facing the U.S. is not the new virus, but rather right-wing populists who are intent on creating trouble with their strain of political virus.”

This is a classic case of projection on display from the propagandist.

“Right-wing populists” aren’t a threat to America. But they are the biggest threat that China has faced down since the CCP’s rise to power. It was the populist movement that originally adopted the idea of confronting China’s exploitative trade practices, and now it’s the rest of the country adopting that necessary policy into their own political agendas.

That necessary policy happens to be a large first-step towards the economic destruction of the CCP. And their recent volley of propaganda is proof positive that those policies are making the CCP sweat.

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