NEVER TRUMP: Iowa GOP Primary Contender Miller-Meeks Called Trump and Clinton Equally ‘Liars And Corrupt’


Marriannette Miller-Meeks, a Republican primary candidate for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional district, believes Donald Trump is “as fit as Hillary Clinton” to be president, insisting the two are “both liars and corrupt” during the 2016 election.

The three-time congressional race loser’s tweet continued, drawing a distinction between the two candidates’ avenues for corruption: “he did it legally, she broke laws, used government position & hurt national sec.”

While Miller-Meeks has recently attempted to tout herself as a strong supporter of President Trump, these newly discovered comments will inform voters otherwise.

The news comes shortly after Miller-Meeks’s flip-flop on abortion – declaring herself “pro-choice” in 2018 but now campaigning as an ardent pro-lifer.

The disparaging comments about candidate Trump came just one month before the 2016 general election, when support was most crucial.

Even her rationale for supporting him lacked strong pro-Trump resolve: “True rhetoric will change from “anyone but Trump” to “anyone but Hillary” or #neverHillary.”

Her support was – and perhaps still is – rooted in a rejection of Clinton rather than a solid embrace of President Trump and his America First agenda.

If Miller-Meeks feels President Trump is as “corrupt” as Clinton, the Queen of the Swamp, she can’t be counted on to fight for his agenda in Congress. Not only has she made it clear she dislikes him on a personal level, but she’s also bought into mainstream media’s anti-Trump narratives that he’s exploiting the presidency for personal gain.

There’s no shortage of representatives, Republican and Democrat, who obstruct President Trump’s. Congress certainly doesn’t need another faux-Trumper.

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