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EXCLUSIVE: CCP Propaganda Book With ‘No Citations or References’ Published by Simon & Schuster


One of the ‘big five’ publishers in the United States is promoting a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda book about the coronavirus in a tract being sold by Amazon, Target, and recommended by Rolling Stone magazine despite the book admittedly containing “no citation trails nor references.”

A National Pulse investigation has revealed the book – authored by the head of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus – was published on March 10th at the height of the pandemic and brazenly admits in its own preface:

“The editorial board sincerely apologizes for the absence of citation trails or references due to the time constraint.”

The book, entitled The Coronavirus Prevention Handbook 101 Science-Based Tips That Could Save Your Life is for sale on Amazon, in Target stores, and even comes recommended by Rolling Stone magazine alongside a disclaimer: “we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links”.


Skyhorse Publishing, a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster, published Dr. Wang Zhou’s work on March 10th, 2020 on the heels of coronavirus’ deadliest month in Wuhan and just one day before the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic.

The timing prompts the question of how the Wuhan CDC Chief or his affiliates had spare time to dedicate to writing a 144-page publication.

The book was originally published under Hubei Science and Technology Press, a company “established in 1982 based on the approval of Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China.”

The self-admittedly unsubstantiated work is now being peddled by American publishing giant Simon & Schuster in full compliance with Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) standards, or lack thereof. Skyhorse Publishing, Simon & Schuster, Amazon, and Target all fail to disclose this for customers.

Worse still, the CCP propaganda book’s foreword is authored by another Communist Party member, Zhong Nanshan, who has previously claimed without evidence that the virus “may not have originated in China.”

The fifth sentence of the book asserts: “In the early days of the outbreak, China promptly shared its understanding of the virus with the world through the World Health Organization.”

In reality, CCP officials purposfully withheld knowledge of the virus’ development and human-to-human transmission from their own citizens and the world writ large. They even silenced doctors who attempted to inform co-workers of the developing coronavirus strain, subjecting them to police visits and forcing individuals to sign letters admitting guilt for “making false comments” and “severely disturbing the social order.”

While Dr. Wang – another CCP member – insists the work is an “authoritative, comprehensive guide” to combatting the virus.

But Wang is the beneficiary of CCP-funds and is affiliated with various CCP-controlled institutions.

He received grants from the CCP as part of the 213 Talent Project and Huangheh Talent Program and was a professor at state-controlled Huazhong University. Wang has also received research funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Health Commission of China, and the Hubei Health Commission.

The book sells for up to $12.99 on Barnes & Noble, Bookshop, IndieBound, Amazon, and Target, and Rolling Stone included the work in its “recommended” section along with a glowing review.

As the listed author and editor-in-chief of the book, Dr. Wang is ostensibly profiting from the sales, too.

The Coronavirus Prevention Handbook for sale on Target’s shelves.

The book is touted as a “must-have guide for preparing for an outbreak of the coronavirus virus” according to Simon & Schuster’s website.

The description continues:

“The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the US and the World Health Organization have declared the coronavirus a worldwide health emergency. The coronavirus was first identified in Wuhan, China. Now, from the medical experts there, comes the first authoritative, comprehensive guide to preparing for the ongoing epidemic (COVID-19).
Written in plain language, here is information that will help readers and professionals understand the virus and protect themselves in the face of a possible outbreak. As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world—China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States—preventative measures such as controlling the source of infection, early detection of patients, and cutting off transmission are imperative.
With 101 tips for individuals to prevent the spread of the virus, the information in this handbook could be lifesaving. The prevention tips include:

    • Precautions for individuals and public places (handwashing, face masks, etc.)
    • Strategies for detection and treatment of the disease
    • An overview of the coronavirus and how it’s spread
    • Basics about contagious diseases

With the number of reported cases of COVID-19 growing daily, the information in this book will help you protect yourself and your loved ones!”

The CCP propaganda book contains 101 questions divided into six categories: “Overview of Coronaviruses,” “Transmission of 2019-nCoV,” “Detection, Diagnosis, and Treatment,” “Personal Precautions,” “Precautions in Public Places,” and “Basics of Contagious Disease.”

The world would have benefited considerably more from transparency and accurate data from the Wuhan health officials who authored this book, not a 144-page cover-up – pushed for profit by U.S. publishers – saving face for their errors and self-promoting as paragons of coronavirus response.

The National Pulse has reached out to Skyhorse Publishing for comment, but at the time of publication of this story, we had not heard back.



Natalie Winters and Raheem Kassam

Raheem Kassam is the Editor in Chief of the National Pulse. Natalie Winters is a Senior Writing Fellow.

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