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Black Ex-Police Captain David Dorn Murdered By Looters, Media Ignores, Conservatives Raise $80K For Family in ONE HOUR


Former police captain David Dorn was murdered by looters in the early hours of Tuesday morning. 

Dorn, 77, was protecting businesses from looters in St. Louis City when he was shot dead outside of a pawn store.

Dorn’s bereaved wife, Ann, still works for the local police department, and told local media her husband was a friend of the pawn shop’s owner. David Dorn would regularly show up at the store when alarms sounded.

“He was murdered by looters at a pawnshop. He was the type of brother that would’ve given his life to save them if he had to. Violence is not the answer, whether it’s a citizen or officer,” said his former colleagues.

“David Dorn was a fine captain, many of us young officers looked up to him,” Chief Hayden said.

Meanwhile, the establishment media chose to ignore the murder of this black man, presumably because it doesn’t fit the narrative of oppression promoted in order to further divide the nation.

CNN, MSNBC, and other mainstream outlets failed to mention the death of Dorn on their websites, or on their daily or nightly programming. Only Fox’s Tucker Carlson covered the incident:

In the meantime, conservatives on social media began a fundraiser for Dorn’s family, which at the time of writing has already surpassed its $15,000 goal – it currently stands at over $80,000.

Jack Posobiec, from the Trump-friendly One America News Network, set up the fundraiser on Tuesday evening, stating:

We are raising money for the family of Captain David Dorn, who was killed in St Louis while defending his community. 77 year-old Dorn was reportedly murdered by a looter. All funds from this will go to his family.

Posobiec told The National Pulse exclusively: “Captain David Dorn served his community his entire life. His family continues to serve. His lifetime of service and his ultimate sacrifice are an example for us all to look up to in this moment. Captain Dorn is an American hero. This memorial will go entirely to his family.”

According to STL Today:

Police have made no arrests and said they have no suspects. Authorities have announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

The Ethical Society of Police, which represents black officers in St. Louis, mourned Dorn as “the type of brother that would’ve given his life to save them if he had to.”

Flowers and a teddy bear sat outside the shop next to a handwritten sign that read, “Y’all killed a black man because ‘they’ killed a black man??? Rest in peace.”

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