Chinese State Media Chief Claims CCP ‘Too Tolerant’ When Tackling Protest


The European Bureau Chief of China’s state-run outlet China Daily suggested the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is “too tolerant” when it “tackles protests” while criticizing President Trump’s response to riots and looting plaguing the U.S.

The comments from perennial Trump critic Chen Weihua stand in stark contrast with reality given the CCP’s unrepentant resolve to quash any and all dissidents, most recently on display during protests in Hong Kong. Look no further than President Xi Jinping’s 2019 decree: “Anyone attempting to split China in any part of the country will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones.”

The Stanford journalism and George Soros-funded World Press Institute fellow consistently carries water for the CCP – not a surprising bias since China Daily is owned and operated by the regime’s personal Publicity Department.

Touting the CCP’s response to protests as more “tolerant” than the U.S. government is his latest lie, part of Chinese state media’s broader weaponization of the ongoing protests to bash the U.S. and imply a double-standard regarding the Trump administration’s recent condemnation of the CCP’s actions in Hong Kong.

To start, the regime notoriously deployed troops and tanks that fired on student-led demonstrators in Tiananmen Square resulting in a death toll of at least 10,000 with thousands more injured in 1989. To this day, the CCP bans public commemoration of the massacre and censors “all mentions” of it.

Thousands of Tibetan protestors have been killed for daring to defend their nation and culture against CCP occupation and encroachment. And thousands of Uighurs in Xinjiang have been killed in addition to being forced into re-education camps and labor factories.

Practitioners of Falun Gong – a meditation-focused religious movement – have been targetted since it represents an ideology counter to complete and utter submission to the CCP. Adherents have been sent to labor camps where they’re “starved, beaten, and tortured with electric batons,” killed in the thousands, and had their organs harvested.

Nationwide, Political opponents of the regime are subject to “arbitrary detention, imprisonment, and enforced disappearance” and increasingly deploys nations-wide surveillance systems to bolster their targeted crackdowns.

And in Hong Kong, CCP-authorized police forces have shot actual bullets – not rubber – at protestors in addition to assaulting compliant arrestees and sexually assaulting detainees. Actions have earned castigation from international human rights advocacy groups, admonishing police to “stop using excessive force against pro-democracy protesters in the city.”

The list goes on ad infinitum.

Yet to Chen, a mouthpiece for the CCP, these tactics as “too tolerant,” a stunning indictment of the regime’s unapologetically abysmal human rights record and a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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