Kassam on Fox: ‘Law and Order in the Streets, Not Just in the Tweets!’


Editor-In-Chief of The National Pulse Raheem Kassam joined Laura Ingraham on Fox News to discuss the far-left’s assault on America’s institutions, emphasizing conservatives need to “realize we’ve been at war for a long time.”

Recently suspended from Twitter, Kassam notes that ongoing riots and protests triggered by the death of George Floyd are part of the left’s broader strategy to fundamentally change America: “This has long since been about statues. We had that argument a couple of years ago, and we’re actually at the tail end of that argument This is about, as they say in their own words, burning down the institutions.”



“America is at war with itself and that’s because the Democratic Party of America hs decided to declare war on America and its institutions. It’s time that conservatives in Congress and all across the country realize we’ve been at war for a long time,” he adds.

And Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is complicit in this effort: “When these Jacobins, when these Marxists take power, and we saw last night in New York, the more and more hardline progressive are taking power and are on the conveyor belt to being in Congress. That is exactly what Joe Biden intends to do: hand them everything they want.”

Kassam concludes: “I implore the president it’s time to crack down. Law and order as a tweet is fine. Let’s do law and order in the streets.”

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