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European Union ‘Failed’, Was ‘Irrelevant’ During Pandemic Says Major, Continent-Wide Survey


Majorities across the European Union believe the entity has been “irrelevant” and failed to “live up to its responsibilities” during the coronavirus pandemic, a new, content-wide poll has revealed.

The news will be seen as vindication of the United Kingdom’s choice to exit the European Union, and the American political right’s continued warnings about European-style socialism and increasing centralization of powers.

The European Council on Foreign Relations poll took the views of over 11,000 citizens in nine countries across Europe, those being: Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. The polled countries account for more than two-thirds of the European Union’s collective population and its GDP.

And while the results appear to be an unmitigated indictment of the status quo in the European Union, some of those surveyed believe more European Union integration is the solution to Europe’s irrelevance during the pandemic.

According to the poll, only 22 percent of total respondents agreed that the European Union lived up to its responsibilities during the pandemic.

The EU failed to live up to its responsibilities?

There is widespread agreement that the globalist project known as the European Union failed the people when it was needed most: during a global pandemic.

Unfortunately for the bureaucrats in Brussels, that wasn’t even the worst news they received from the poll.

Of those polled, 47 percent agreed the European Union has been irrelevant, while 19 percent strongly agreed. On the flip side, 19 percent disagreed while only 7 percent strongly disagreed.

The poll also revealed fealty amongst the Scandinavian countries towards the World Health Organization, and that while views of China worsened, views of the United States worsened more.

Those polled didn’t explicitly call for the termination of the European Union, but the results also don’t bear out the renewed support for experts and statist institutions that its supporters were anticipating from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of that, there was a clear message sent to its supporters, and the Party of Davos crowd more broadly.

The pet project of globalism failed to deliver for its people when it mattered most.

Worse than that, it was broadly found to be completely irrelevant.

The European Union may have to make considerable changes, if it wants to justify its existence down the line.

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