‘The Great One’ Mark Levin Endorses Manny Sethi for Senate, Blasts Bill Hagerty As ‘Romney Jr.’


Conservative radio host Mark Levin endorsed Tennessee¬†Senate hopeful Manny Sethi against his establishment Republican opponent Bill Hagerty, who Levin equated to “Mitt Romney Junior.”

Levin, who is also on Fox, told Sethi, “I am going to endorse you for the US Senate in the Republican Primary.” “If I lived there, I’d be voting for you. That’s the bottom line,” he emphasized.

Sethi articulated why Hagerty is merely an establishment RINO masquerading as a Trump-style populist with a long history of supporting and working with Never Trumpers. As the citizen candidate notes, “a vote for Bill Hagerty is a vote for Mitt Romney.”

He outlined how Hagerty – a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” – was an architect of the Tennesee Never Trump movement:

“He was Jeb Bush’s Presidential delegate. When Jeb Bush went down, he went over to Marco Rubio, and then when Rubio went down after he donated to him, he went to Trump. And now he’s rolling around Tennessee like he’s going to defend the president when in fact he was one of the leaders of the Never Trump movement in Tennesee.”

Sethi also explained how Hagerty’s establishment Republican affiliation predated the 2016 election as a longtime adviser, friend, and business partner of Mitt Romney. Levin expressed concern that if Hagerty “gets to the Senate, he’s going to be Romney Jr.”

“His opponent is tied so closely to Romney, that if he gets into the Senate you know damn well what’s going to happen with this guy,” Levin added.

Sethi also referenced an exclusive National Pulse report exposing Hagerty for sitting on the board of a billion-dollar investment firm pumping out pro-Black Lives Matter (BLM) content and donating to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) legal fund. “Only when it was pointed out just a week ago, he suddenly resigned,” Sethi noted.

In contrast, Sethi outlines his true Trump-style conservatism:

“We need to take a hardline on legal immigration, […] we need to get government out of healthcare, […] we’ve got to take on this mob, this rioting, looting, and burning in the streets, […] and stop selling our jobs down a river to the communist Chinese government.”

Emphasizing “the weak-kneed establishment Republicans in Washington won’t stand up.”



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