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UK Govt to Implement ‘Mandatory’ Retraining for Public Servants to Love Mass Migration


Britain’s Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has announced that public servants in the United Kingdom will be retrained to “appreciate the history of migration and race,” in what appears to be a stunning abandonment of the anti-multicultural, conservative base that gave Boris Johnson’s government a whopping Parliamentary majority last year.

Patel, a supposedly Conservative Member of Parliament, was elected on a pledge that promised to “control immigration.”

In her purview as Secretary of State for the Home Office, her policies impact everything from immigration to drug policy, crime, counter-terrorism, and police.

Today’s announcement mandates retraining of all Home Office staff to “appreciate the history of migration and race in this country” whilst promising a “compassionate approach” to future decisions made in her department.

Patel’s shocking speech outlined: “Mandatory training… to ensure that everyone working in the Department understands and appreciates the history of migration and race in this country. Every single existing or new member of Home Office staff will be required to undertake that learning.”

She said: “We are going further by introducing a new process to ensure that all new policies are developed in an inclusive way, factoring in the cultural and historical context, and with effective mechanisms to monitor and, where necessary, resolve any concerns.”

She added: “The Home Office must reflect the diverse communities that it serves at every single level. There are simply not enough black, Asian or minority ethnic staff working at the top in senior roles, and there are far too many times when I am the only non-white face in the room. Action must happen now, so I am introducing more diverse shortlists for senior jobs, specialist mentoring and sponsorship programmes to help develop a wider pool of talent and drive cultural change.”

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Patel, who has already shown weakness on Britain’s mass illegal immigration problem, now appears to be kowtowing to the Black Lives Matter mobs who have ravaged British institutions and statues in similar ways to their counterparts in the United States.

Speaking in Parliament this week Patel boasted about mandatory training and concluded:

“The final and most critical theme is a more compassionate approach—people not cases. This is at the heart of ensuring that nothing like the injustices faced by the Windrush generation can ever happen again. Putting people first will be built into the reforms that we make. Everyone making decisions must see a face behind the case. We must feel empowered to use our own discretion and pragmatism in decision making.”

Nick Regan

Nick Regan is a 2020 National Pulse Writing Fellow

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