EXCLUSIVE: Nigel Farage Warns Trump Will Win on Election Day, But Mail-In Ballots Will Be Used to Nullify


Speaking on The National Pulse’s newly launched TV show, Nigel Farage – the architect of “Brexit” and former Member of European Parliament – warned of “dark art operatives in the Democrats” intent on “abusing” the mail-in voting system to ensure a victory for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Speaking with Editor-In-Chief Raheem Kassam, Farage asserted that “absolutely” President Trump “will win the majority of the votes in the electoral college […]  because the Trump base is still very highly motivated.” In contrast, he emphasized that “Biden isn’t up to it.”

Farage, however, cautioned that “dark art operatives in the Democrats” will weaponize mail-in voting to secure a Biden victory:

“On the day, he’ll win the vote. My worry, and you just touched on it, is this early mail-in voting. I’ve seen postal voting, the British equivalent of this, abused wholesale in the United Kingdom to the advantage of the left. The worst scenario of all is on the morning of the fourth of November, Trump looks like the winner, and then over the course of the next ten days, all these mail-in votes are counted and the result gets reversed.”


“Trump is quite right to raise a flag and to say this is not how elections should be conducted because they’re open to abuse,” Farage continued before comparing the prospect of mail-in voting to “a dark cloud on the horizon.”

Kassam inquired if “the political left in the United States is learning from their counterparts in the United Kingdom and other places around the world where they have rigged votes.”

Farage confirmed “absolutely,” before detailing how the “biggest abuses in the UK have happened amongst the ethnic minorities. They’ve happened in non-English speaking, Muslim communities.”

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