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EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden’s “Republican” Endorser Runs A Chinese Communist Party-Staffed Consulting Firm


William Cohen – a former Republican Senator and Clinton-era Secretary of Defense who endorsed Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden – runs a lobbying firm that employs Chinese Communist Party officials, The National Pulse can reveal.

Cohen recently endorsed Biden, citing his belief that President Trump’s actions were “the mark of a dictatorship” and “a tyrant.”

Today, The National Pulse can reveal that Cohen works closely with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents, many of whom remain listed on the former SecDef’s website.

The Cohen Group’s China Practice claims to facilitate “constructive engagement and cooperation between leading multinational companies and Chinese enterprises around the world” as well as “support Chinese companies engaged in high-quality investments overseas.”

But the reality is the Biden-endorser is working with an oppressive dictatorship – the Chinese Communist Party – helping them to launder CCP propaganda and aiding their strategies in the West.

The Cohen Group’s website boasts a picture of Joe Biden on its homepage

The lobbying group, which also retains former Defense Secretary and President Trump detractor James Mattis as Senior Counselor, claims increased activities between China and the globe brings “mutual benefit,” though China hawks argue the relationship has gutted Western industries as well as bringing the CCP virus to the world.

From Beijing to the Beltway.

The Cohen Group’s Beijing Deputy Chief Representative, Xiaorong Wu, for nearly a decade led China’s “era of sovereignty” campaign as a Chinese Communist Party official in the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs “where he participated in Sino-UK negotiation on the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong to China.”

Another Chief Representative, Yinghua Wang, joined the group in 2007 after years of serving the Chinese Communist Party’s Tianjin Municipal Government. As an official, Mr. Wang “frequently hosted meetings with foreign officials in order to foster stronger political and economic ties between Tianjin and state governments in the United States.”

Cohen’s CCP-Linked Consultancy Brags Of It’s Connections

And Cohen’s collaboration’s with the Chinese Communist Party spans over forty years.

As a Congressman, he accompanied a 1978 congressional delegation of US Senators to China to meet with Deng Xiaoping, laying the groundwork for normalizing relations.

Since the trip, The Cohen Group touts how Cohen “has been a constant presence in the US-China relationship, including commercial development and security cooperation.”

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Cohen himself has continued to aid the Chinese Communist Party in the private sector: in 2009, Cohen encouraged the Obama Administration to bolster economic ties between the two countries.

“The two countries have many shared interests,” Cohen wrote in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal entitled “The World Depends on US-China Cooperation.”

Reluctant to condemn China’s exploitative behaviors, Cohen said in a 2018 CNBC interview: “what I would disagree with is labeling China an enemy. I don’t believe that to be the case.”


Cohen himself has visited China several times on behalf of the Cohen Group, which retains two China-based offices in Beijing and Tianjin for over a decade.

In 2011, he met with the chairman of China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE), China’s top government-funded think tank, at the Chinese Communist Party’s central headquarters in Beijing.

CCIEE offered to “work together with the Cohen Group to provide services in helping domestic and foreign companies to expand their businesses both at home and abroad,” and Cohen readily agreed. Cohen remarked he’d “help Chinese companies go global and conduct investment in the U.S.,” the primary avenue by which the Chinese Communist Party conducts intellectual property theft, espionage, and siphons American jobs.

Cohen meeting with CCIEE Chairman Zeng Peiyan

And in 2018, Cohen visited China again to meet with Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong.

Cohen pledged to “use its advantages to further promote the cooperation and exchanges of companies in both countries and advance the healthy development of bilateral trade and investment” during the meeting.

Mayor meets chairman of The Cohen Group
Cohen meets with Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong.

Joe Costa, a Vice President at the Cohen Group, has also contributed to Chinese state-run media outlet China Global Television Network (CGTN), appearing in an interview championing the Iran Nuclear Deal.


The Cohen Group was also listed as a 2014 participant in the Harvard Ash Center’s “China’s Leaders in Development Program,” an initiative that touts itself as “widely recognized by the Chinese government as one of the best overseas training programs for government officials.”

“Taught both at Tsinghua University, China, and Harvard Kennedy School, this multi weeks training program is specifically designed to help prepare senior local and central Chinese government officials to more effectively address the ongoing challenges of China’s national reforms,” the summary continues.

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Beyond collaborating with a university that has attempted to hack the U.S. government, the program brings Harvard professors’ prestigious advice to senior leaders from the brutal CCP, handpicked by the party’s own Organization Department of the Central Committee.

Several years, members of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp, which has been identified as an “instrument of repression” against Uighurs by the Washington Post and now sanctioned by the Trump administration for “serious human rights abuse against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang,” have repeatedly joined the delegation.

The Cohen Group also retains partnerships with a bevy of Chinese Communist Party such as the U.S.-China Business Council. The Cohen Group has sponsored the Council’s 40th Anniversary Dinner where Henry Kissinger, notoriously soft on China, was honored.

Cameron Turley, the Cohen Group’s Vice President, identifies himself as a member of the pro-China lobby group known as the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (NCUSCR). Cohen has even helped commemorate the group’s 50th anniversary as a speaker.

Cohen alongside other former Defense Secretaries including Chuck Hagel.

And the Cohen Group’s Senior Counselor William Zarit, who formerly served as Commercial Program Officer at the NCUSCR, is the Chairman of the Board for the American Chamber of Commerce in China, which argues for closer business ties between the two countries.


Cohen’s immense profiting from the Chinese Communist Party is eerily similar to Joe Biden, as his family members have profited immensely from inking billion-dollar deals with the Chinese government.

Even Biden’s friend and top pick for Obama-era Ambassador to China Max Baucus leveraged his credentials to consult for a host of Chinese Communist Party linked companies. So have a host of Obama administration officials.

The revolving door between Biden associates, endorsers, and family members and the Chinese Communist Party ought to serve as a red flag for what a Biden administration could look like.

In short: good for Beijing, bad for America.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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