New Movie Underscores Importance of Electoral College As Democrats Attempt to Steal 2020 Election


As Democrats attempt to undermine the Electoral College, the documentary “Safeguard: An Electoral College Story” outlines how the system conceived by America’s Founding Fathers serves as a bulwark against mob rule and the tyranny of the majority.

The documentary, released September 9th, 2020, features conservative thought leaders such as Steve Forbes and Constitutional scholars who explain the genesis of the Electoral College. The must-watch, hour-long film also emphasizes the body’s relevance today.


“Getting rid of the Electoral College is the simplest way to make sure we fall short of our potential,” interviewee Joseph Pinion describes.

While the voting system has changed over America’s nearly 250-year-long history, the Electoral College is comprised of a body of electors from all 50 states who together wield 538 votes. 270 votes is the required number to secure the presidency.

The system, which helps to amplify the voices of smaller states and limit the supremacy of the coastal states, has allowed Presidential candidates, often Republican, to win elections despite losing the popular vote.

final 2016 electoral map
President Trump lost the 2016 election by nearly 3 million votes.

As a result, the system is spurned by many Democratic activists – radical and mainstream – and even the Transition Integrity Project, the George Soros and Chinese Communist Party-linked group attempting to secure a victory for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Much like Democrats are trying to cancel all vestiges of American history and culture, the Electoral College appears to be their latest – and most consequential – target.

Luckily, Safeguard makes a convincing case for the efficacy and significance of the system, a bulwark against mob rule, corruption, and domination of coastal elites.

The Transition Integrity Project, a bellwether for the left’s tactics to abolish the electoral college, takes a different view on the “profoundly anti-democratic” body:

“TIP recognizes and shares the view that the Electoral College is profoundly anti-democratic, and that numerous long-standing practices also function to create structural biases in our voting system. For present purposes, however, these constraints are treated as givens.”

The movie rightly contends that the perennial “threat to liberty is power,” and radical, power-hungry Democrats are the modern incarnation of the warning.

Safeguard: An Electoral College Story (2020) - IMDb
Watch Safeguard on Amazon Prime Video.

Safeguard is available to view on Amazon’s Prime Video.


Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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