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EXCLUSIVE: Don Jr Dunks on Hunter Biden for $1.5Bn China Check


Donald Trump Jr. joined Raheem Kassam on The National Pulse show, slamming Hunter Biden for inking a $1.5 billion dollar deal with Chinese Communist Party. ‘Don Jr’ also took aim at Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill De Blasio’s New York as “absolutely disgusting.”

Asked by Kassam: “where’s Hunter?,” Trump Jr. dunked on the son of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden for profiting immensely from the Chinese Communist Party:

“Well he’s living large, I guess. Taking 1.5 billion dollars from the Chinese government into his quote-on-quote fund that no one had ever heard of before and that 30 million a year in fees on a typical fund model two percent structure I guess that allows him to whatever he wants.”


Trump Jr. was referencing Hunter’s firm “BHR Partners,” a joint venture between Rosemont Seneca Partners, an investment fund founded by Hunter Biden and Obama-era Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson in 2009, and the state-owned Bank of China. The billion-dollar fund was notoriously birthed less than two weeks Hunter traveled to China alongside his father and then Vice President.

Trump Jr. also emphasized the media’s double standard on failing to properly scrutinize the son of a presidential candidate clearly involved in corrupt business deals:

“But imagine for one second I took 1.5 dollars from the Chinese government, what would happen? It would be hysterical. It would be hysteria. And he can do that. He can still be on the board of a Chinese company a year after he said he would get off. He can be sending American jobs out of Michigan and Wisconsin over to China on a board seat he occupies today. This is going on as we speak, Raheem. He’s still there sending American jobs to China, which has been Joe Biden’s specialty for the last half a century. ”

While Hunter pledged to divest of his stake in the company in 2019, the Daily Caller revealed he retained shares for months after his announcement.

Now, it is alleged he still owns 10 percent of the fund.

The interview also bled into the topic of New York City, Trump Jr.’s hometown, which has been ravaged by AntiFa and Black Lives Matter riots along with a botched coronavirus response.

He insisted that New York City with Cuomo and De Blasio at the helm has become “absolutely disgusting.”

Trump Jr. continued, noting the Democratic duo “could not come up with a better plan to destroy a city”:

“You could not come up with a better plan to destroy a city than what De Blasio and Cuomo have done in trying to be shills for leftists America. What they’ve allowed to happen to that city in such a short period of time is truly disgusting.”


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