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WATCH: Kassam Rips Jeff Daniels’s Putin Claims… He Should Take His Own Characters’ Advice


Hollywood celebrities tend to go off the rails when discussing politics, but there was a recent interview that was exceptionally bad: Nicole Wallace’s exchange with Jeff Daniels on MSNBC.

It’s obvious what’s happening here. The actor – worth around 50 million dollars – has a new show coming out where he plays Jim Comey.

And very few people seem to care.

So along comes Nicole Wallace and MSNBC to help prop up Daniels failing attempt to rescue his own career and that of former FBI director Jim Comey.

At the end of the interview, Wallace asks Daniels about his thoughts on Russia, and the so-called Russia interference amounted to just a few Facebook ads, most of which were seen by Americans after the 2016 election, and many of which were relatively anti-Trump.

Daniels brazenly – and falsely – insisted that “all roads lead to Putin”:


There’s a man in charge of a country with an economy the size of Italy, or New York State, halfway around the world who is living rent-free in the heads of millions of Americans and why?

Because Putin’s Russia represents something far and away different from the Russia these people all celebrated back in the 1960’s.

Instead, of course, they now cozy up to the Chinese Communist Party.

And Daniels would know a few things about the Chinese Communist Party because, well, the Chinese Communist Party is buying out and buying up Hollywood studios.

But there’s a show of Daniels’s, Newsroom, that the actor appears to forget the lessons of. Entirely.

Yes it’s another Aaron Sorkin, liberal, love-fest over themselves. But it’s also about a Republican anchor inside a network run by liberals and moderates, who puts his foot down over the importance of the story.

Daniels and his unqualified “all roads lead to Putin” didn’t take many lessons away from his character, Will McCavoy.

Actually, maybe he took the wrong lessons away.

Here’s a clip from the Newsroom, where Jeff Daniels is curiously fantasizing over texting with none other than Vice President Joe Biden:

And Nicole Wallace didn’t pick up anything either.

Instead of pushing back on Jeff Daniels’s Russia claim – she grinned, giggled, and nodded along gleefully like the obedient little deep state propagandist that she is.

She should have listened to Will McAvoy when he was teaching a fellow reporter how to do the news:

And sure, it’s a leftist, and its Hollywood, and its MSNBC, so it’s expected?

Because these people get a free pass, over and over, and over again.

The staff at Media Matters get a free pass.

The New York Times gets a free pass.

Liberal professors get a free pass.

Black Lives Matter. AntiFa. Planned Parenthood. Joe Biden.

They all get free passes.

No more free passes.

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