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‘Happy Stephen Miller Is Suffering And Might Die’: Al Jazeera Editor Celebrates Top Trump Adviser Contracting Coronavirus


David Klion, a former Editor for Al Jazeera America and contributor to mainstream outlets such as The New York Times and Foreign Policy, celebrated President Trump’s Senior Adviser Stephen Miller contracting COVID-19.

Shortly after Miller’s diagnosis, Klion remarked he couldn’t imagine “being part of a moral system that isn’t happy that Stephen Miller is suffering and might die.”

Klion also made light of Miller’s diagnosis, quipping “Covid-19 is much better at politics than the Democrats are.”

Klion’s calls follow a host of professors, journalists, and Obama administration staffers expressing hope that President Trump would die from COVID-19.

Formerly at the Qatari government-funded Al Jazeera, Klion is currently an editor at Jewish Currents and has written extensively at publications including The Guardian, Foreign Policy, The Nation, Buzzfeed, Salon, and more.

Klion’s comments constitute just the latest – and certainly not the last – example of the mainstream media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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