Biden’s China Amb: Joe Will Restart Relationship With Chinese Communists


Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s pick for China ambassador during the Obama administration insisted that relations between the U.S. and the Chinese Communist Party would “reset” in a Biden presidency.

This follows a National Pulse exposé on Baucus, a “good friend,” frequent donor, and endorser of the former veep who now leverages the connections he gained during his 2014 to 2017 ambassadorship to “consult” for various Chinese Communist Party (CCP) linked companies.

Baucus – a cautionary tale of the composition of a Biden administration – said that, if elected, the candidate would deal with Beijing in a “much more traditional” way.

“When it comes to China, I think you’ll see a bit of a reset,” he added.

While Baucus has a history of contributing to Chinese state-run media, his comments appeared in CNBC.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is the Lead Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and co-host of The National Pulse podcast.