REVEALED: Debate Moderator Works At News Outlet Which Hired Antifa Murderer, Defended Antifa on Twitter


The moderator of the critical Colorado Senate Debate works for the news outlet that hired a security guard responsible for murdering a Trump supporter at a Denver-based rally on Saturday. Kyle Clark at 9News – who will moderate Tuesday night’s debate – appears to have repeatedly defended AntiFa.

Clark was selected to be a “neutral” moderator for the upcoming debate between Senate candidates Cory Gardner and John Hickenlooper.

Recent events, however, have seen Clark’s employer, 9News, hire a fraudulent security guard that murdered a Trump-supporting, “Patriot Muster” member at a rally.

AntiFa – a group Clark has defended several times on Twitter – was also in attendance at the rally, which follows another Trump supporter being gunned down by an AntiFa member for his political beliefs.

Clark hosts a daily news show for the Colorado-based network 9News which saw one of its employees, a 9News producer who works in the investigative unit, taken into custody before being released.

What’s more, Clark appears to follow his local Colorado Springs AntiFa chapter on Twitter:

“Neutral” Clark follows AntiFa.

Publicly, Clark appeared to insist that fears over AntiFa were overblown, claiming the violent group “has been turned into one of the biggest bogeymen in politics” on Twitter in 2018:

Clark also declared that the “far left” – which he equates to “constitutional conservatives” on the right – as separate from AntiFa in 2017:

The debate is set to take place on October 13th and follows the Chinese Communist Party and Transition Integrity Project-linked Commission on Presidential debates selecting anti-Trump moderators such as former Joe Biden intern Steve Scully.

Democrat Hickenlooper appears to have a lead over Republican Cory Gardner in the Centennial State.

As yet, 9News has yet to issue any further comment on the shooting besides that they are working with law enforcement’s enquiries.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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