WATCH: Joe Biden Claims There’s ‘Nothing Special About Being An American’


Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden insisted there was “nothing special about being an American” and that the country shared no common culture while speaking at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics in 2014.

The unearthed remarks came towards the end of the candidate’s Vice Presidential tenure and were a part of his foreign policy-focused address to the school’s annual JFK Jr. Forum.

While retelling a story he shared with an individual in Kosovo, lecturing the man on the importance of living in unity, he insisted there was “nothing special about being an American”:

“You figure out how to live together like we do, or you will never, never never make it. America’s strength ultimately lies in its people. There’s nothing special about being an American.”

Directly after the brazen remark, Biden added that it was impossible to define “what an American is” before insisting the country shares no common “culture”:

“None of you can define for me what an American is. You can’t define it based on religion, ethnicity, race, culture.”

The sentiments expressed by Biden dovetail closely with the left-wing platitude that America is an idea as opposed to a country, a talking point that has also been echoed repeatedly by the Biden campaign.

It’s logical, therefore, for the candidate to call for an immigrant and refugee influx of over 75 million individuals – nearly a quarter increase in the population.

In the same speech, Biden also advanced an hour-long defense of his globalist approach to foreign policy, justifying the deployment of American troops to defend the sovereignty of other countries besides the U.S. and the benefit of costly, global alliances.

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The former veep also referenced his notorious track record of having private meetings with Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, boasting of a five-hour dinner he had with the brutal dictator.

The story comes as Hunter Biden’s links with foreign firms with Joe Biden’s involvement comes to light.


Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is the Lead Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and co-host of The National Pulse podcast.