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Far-Left Rosie Gray, McKay Coppins Escorted Out of Private Event for Breaching Reporting Rules


Buzzfeed’s Rosie Gray and The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins breached reporting rules by attending War Room: Pandemic’s election night event and attempting to interview attendees and participants despite not being invited as reporters and failing to declare themselves to attendees as such.

Gray, who serves as a politics and media reporter for cat meme blog Buzzfeed, recently published an article chronicling War Room: Pandemic’s election night party, which National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam co-hosted alongside Steve Bannon. She attended the event alongside fellow establishment journalist McKay Coppins – a staff writer at The Atlantic.

Coppins also penned an article about his experiences at the election night party – also featuring interviews with attendees.

Video, however, reveals that the individuals were not invited to the event as guests or reporters.

Kassam can be heard telling the duo they didn’t attend the event “as reporters” and are, therefore, “not okay to print what you interviewed in here tonight”:

I’m putting this on the record. You are not here as reporters. You are not invited as reporters. And you are not okay to print what you interviewed in here tonight. Okay?

Immediately after, the two acquiesce and concede “we weren’t here as reporters.”

Gray, who retreats while mumbling “this is so absurd,” appears to cry as Kassam forces the pair to exit the party. The pair also initially tried to exit the building via the toilet, before being ushered the right way by Kassam and colleagues.

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