Biden Supporters Violently Assaulted Peaceful Demonstrators in D.C. And Democrats Still Haven’t Condemned It


Following the pro-Trump Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C., attendees were met with violent attacks from AntiFa and Black Lives Matter. As of Monday morning, Democrats have still refused to condemned the violence.

A host of videos, eyewitness testimony, and indeed arrests have surfaced revealing that Trump supporters – from children to elderly couples – were systematically targeted and harassed by left-wing militant groups in the nation’s capital on Saturday evening.

In contrast, the march itself, where supporters demonstrated in defense of President Trump’s right to a second term and against a rigged election, saw no violence started by Trump supporters.

Individuals openly affiliating with AntiFa and Black Lives Matter harassed a woman and her children:

This was not an is0lated incident, as additional videos show AntiFa and Black Lives Matter members targeting more families:

Several Trump supporters were also knocked out by the left-wing group:

But as the sun set, the severity and frequency of AntiFa and Black Lives Matter-violence increased.

They targeted pro-Trump pop-up shops, run by ethnic minorities.

And they also went after restaurants – yelling profanities and hurling projectiles and fireworks at patrons.

A young couple walking through Black Lives Matter Plaza was also harassed by AntiFa members who caused the young woman to cry:

One video, however, reveals an AntiFa member getting tackled by the police:

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