DATA: Michigan Analysis Suggests Absentee Votes ‘Manipulated By Computer’, Flags Hundreds Of Thousands Of Ballots


New analysis of Michigan voter data reveals hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots flagged as potentially fraudulent, leading statisticians to posit “strong evidence” exists that results were “manipulated by a computer algorithm.”

The “non-partisan effort by unpaid citizens and volunteer experts” and PhDs comes to the conclusion that an “audited recount” ought to be carried out in Michigan counties that returned voting results that were statistically unlikely, if not impossible.


The report also raises concerns about Michigan election official’s conduct regarding mail-in balloting. Of the 3,507,129 ballots requested, the report flags hundreds of thousands of ballots with qualities, such as “duplicate ballot IDs,” “missing ballot address,” or “year of birth before 1921.”

Ballots Flagged In report.

The report explains in detail the various red flags, such as “288,783 [ballots] that have the application sent and ballot received on the same day.”

The data also includes the voter’s year of birth. One is 170 years old, likely an error but their application was not rejected. In total, more than 1400 of these absentee voters are over 100 years old. These could well be nursing home patients. There are 217,271 applications without a recorded date (i.e. never received back). More interesting is the 288,783 that have the application sent and ballot received on the same day.

Computer Interference.

The fifth section of the report, “Irrational MI Absentee Ballots Findings” also posits there is “very strong evidence that the absentee voting counts in Michigan have been manipulated by a computer algorithm.”

“On the surface, it would seem that the tabulating equipment in each precinct has been programmed to shift a percentage of absentee votes from Trump to Biden,” the report continues.

The allegations are premised on the fact that the absentee voting trends of Michigan counties deviate from the nationwide norm and that “the percentage of Democratic absentee voters exceeds the percentage of Republican absentee voters in every precinct.”

The picture below shows “normal (non-manipulated) absentee voting results should be,” representing “the actual percentage of absentee ballots received by each 2020 presidential candidate in a swing state county, by precinct (Red = R and Blue = D).”

Nationwide absentee ballot trends.

And the plot below reveals a statistically unlikely trend in Monroe County.

“Specifically, save for outliers, the percentage of Democratic absentee voters exceeds the percentage of Republican absentee voters in every precinct. Even more remarkable – and unbelievable – these two independent variables appear to track one another,” the report notes.

Michigan absentee ballot trends.

A similar pattern emerges in Oakland County.


Two counties raised red flags to the statisticians concerning the spread of votes for Biden vs. President Trump. Wayne and Oakland Counties “stand out as problematic,” as the report concludes “40,000 and 46,000 estimated excessive votes, respectively” for Biden.

Concerning Wayne County:

What’s curious is that above the 2016 totals, a new vote ratio appears in contrast to the history of the area – showing new votes going 70% Democrat vs 30% Republican – a 15- point mismatch to the same area just in the last Presidential Election.

In 2016, Wayne county split 55 percent for Hillary Clinton and 45 percent for President Trump.

The other outlier county, Oakland, saw a similar “mismatch” between its 2016 and 2020 results:

In Oakland, all votes added by both candidates above the 2016 take show a new vote ratio of 72% Democrat to 28% Republican – an 18-point mismatch to the same area just since the last Presidential Election.


MI 2020 Voter Analysis Report (1) by Natalie Winters on Scribd

Natalie Winters and Raheem Kassam

Raheem Kassam is the Editor in Chief of the National Pulse. Natalie Winters is a Senior Writing Fellow.

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