Spectator Mag Chairman Backs A BAD Brexit Deal for Britain


The Spectator magazine’s Chairman, Andrew Neil, has come out in favor of a bad deal for the United Kingdom as the nation finalizes its escape from the European Union.

Writing in the Daily Mail newspaper, Spectator Chairman and founder of the forthcoming GB News television channel Andrew Neil claims: “No Deal would be a nail in the coffin of Western democracy and celebrated by Russia and China.”

For the uninitiated: “No Deal” is a pro-establishment euphemism for “full sovereignty” whereas a “deal” means compromising with Brussels and rejecting the democratic will of the British public as expressed in 2016.

Neil risibly writes:

For No Deal won’t just have serious, negative consequences for Britain and the European Union. It would be a setback for the West and democracies everywhere.

The 21st century was meant to clinch the ultimate triumph of democracy. Instead, its first two decades have been marked by the rise of authoritarianism.

From Beijing to Moscow through Ankara, Riyadh and other major capitals of the world, we’ve witnessed the rise of the strongman and retreat of democratic progress.

Even established democracies have not been immune to the cult of the autocrat, as Donald Trump’s America, Jair Bolsonaro’s Brazil and Narendra Modi’s India all illustrate.

The homepage of the Spectator magazine’s website is scarcely dissimilar, with columnists now claiming no good deal was ever really on the table:

The Spectator tacks left

Neil recently admitted the Spectator is actually a pro-immigration, pro-amnesty for illegal immigrants magazine and not the right wing publication that many of its subscribers believe it to be.

He lashed out at Hungarian premier Viktor Orban, and has spent an inordinate amount of time being a Never Trump activist in the United Kingdom.

Neil is due to launch a new television channel – GB News – in the United Kingdom in the next few months.

GB News is backed by big left-wing corporates such as Discovery.

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