‘Sh*tface Human Scum’: China State Media Chief Abuses Mike Pompeo, Nigel Farage… Twitter Takes No Action


The European Bureau Chief of China’s state-run outlet China Daily has repeatedly called Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a “shit face” on Twitter, suggesting he ought to quarantine in the Guantanamo Bay military prison.

Chen serves as a rabid attack dog for the Chinese Communist Party. His “news” outlet is owned and operated by the Communist regime’s Publicity Department, a euphemism for the nation’s Ministry of Propaganda.

The perennial Trump critic has extended his disdain for the Secretary of State, who has a solid track record of tackling the Chinese Communist Party.

And Twitter – which claims to want to create “healthy conversation” – has done nothing to limit Chen’s abuse, instead awarding him a verified “blue check” button by his name. It is unclear why Chen, whose own countrymen are not even allowed on Twitter, would need to be verified.

Twitter, which has been heavy-handed in censoring conservatives, attended conferences alongside Chinese military proxies, and hired Chinese Communist Party-linked individuals, and has not responded to The National Pulse’s questions on the matter, though the platform did block this news outlet for reporting verified election fraud information. Twitter also failed to take any action against Chen’s account, including removing his verified checkmark, and has failed to respond to those queries, too.

In a period of less than six months, Chen labeled Pompeo a “shit face” 12 times. Three of the tweets involve Chen celebrating the potential prospect of Pompeo departing government, following his declaration the Chinese government would be a “winner” if Joe Biden won the presidency.

Selection of tweets.

Chen – who also recently called U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn a “lifetime bitch” on Twitter – insisted that “human scum” Pompeo be forced to quarantine in Guantanamo Bay, a military prison used to detain terrorists.

In response to the European Union inking a trade deal with China, the Stanford journalism and George Soros-funded World Press Institute fellow also insisted that “heinous Mike Pompeo must be bleeding”:

Ironically, Chen also has nearly 20 tweets equating Pompeo to Adolf Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels.

Selection of tweets.

Chen’s criticisms are not limited to Pompeo. He has been keen to attack a host of Western, conservative figures including Brexit architect Nigel Farage. When Farage “thanked” China for cancelling Christmas, in light of the country’s botched COVID-19 handling, Chen told him to “stop talking shit”:

Farage shot back, demanding reparations from China for the Communist Party’s virus and the ensuing cover-up:

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