Cortes: If Biden Were Sure of His “Victory”, He’d Welcome Transparency.


If Joe Biden manages to get sworn-in as president on January 20, 2021, he will enter office as the most doubted new president in American history.

According to Monmouth University polling, fully 77 percent of President Trump’s 75 million voters believe that Joe Biden’s alleged victory resulted from electoral fraud. Given this widespread suspicion among tens of millions of Americans, it is little wonder that a scant 3 percent of Trump voters believe the president should concede to Biden, per CNBC’s survey.

As early as November, 77% said there was fraud.

In addition to these grave doubts about election integrity, legions of Americans just now learn for the first time about the sordid details of the Biden-Chinese Communist Party payoff scandal, in which millions of dollars of dirty money from affiliates of the tyrannical Beijing regime flowed directly to the Biden family and close associates.

Powerful groups like former CIA chiefs, corporate media mavens, and Silicon Valley oligarchs largely succeeded, pre-election, in smearing, ignoring, and suppressing this explosive news story. But now, awareness grows, as does the concomitant apprehension.

Given these twin dark clouds hanging over Biden, he faces the very real possibility of entering office as a totally hobbled and embattled executive, from the jump. But, Biden possesses the power to alleviate these doubts. If he believes that he legitimately won these swing states, albeit by razor-thin margins, then he should actually join the Trump campaign in calling for full, immediate transparency of voter information. In addition, if Biden wants Americans to believe that his family’s arrangements with the Chinese Communists were appropriate and that Biden was not, in fact, the “big guy” participating in these deals, then he should similarly acquiesce to a special counsel.

Stop the Steal protesters in Arizona

On the first point, giant Maricopa County, which encompasses the whole Phoenix, AZ metro area, aggressively frustrates efforts toward transparency.

The county’s board of supervisors voted 4-1 to defy the subpoena for full voter data from the Arizona State Senate. These supervisors inexplicably cite “privacy” concerns, despite the reality that voter information is 100 percent public record. Citizens have a legal and ethical right to see the full, updated voter rolls along with details of exactly who allegedly voted on November 3rd. But obstructionists like Republican Supervisor Bill Gates demur, stating: “I’m going to fight to protect that information before we turn it over.”

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Like his fellow Republican, Governor Ducey of Arizona, Gates amazingly purports that opacity serves the interest of election integrity, even with the state’s reported differential a mere 10,000 votes out of over 3.3 million cast. The only pertinent issue of privacy relates to the actual candidates selected by individual voters which was not, of course, summoned. But all other voter information is public, by law.

To maintain process integrity, citizens can access every voters’ name, age, address, and participations in elections. Typically, counties release this information in January or February following a November election. But, there is no valid reason for such a delay. Like counties across America, Maricopa has this information now and it should all be public, post-haste. Such immediate disclosure would allow for wide-scale scrutiny, empowering millions of Americans as de-facto investigators via crowdsourcing.

For example, many of us working for Trump highly doubt the massive 84 percent turnout numbers for Milwaukee, WI, and criticize the super-low 0.24 percent mail-in ballot rejection rate of Georgia. If Wisconsin would simply release full, detailed activity reports about exactly who reportedly voted, and Georgia would post every digitized signature scan, these concerns could be quickly addressed and adjudicated in the court of public opinion.

A Kenosha, Wisconsin polling station

Although corporate media endeavors to deride election skeptics as conspiracist cranks, hard evidence of irregularities and consequential constitutional controversies abounds.

White House advisor Peter Navarro recently catalogued these data points and dubious fact patterns in a highly-sourced 36 page report titled “The Immaculate Deception.” If the current swing-state results do not represent a large scale “deception,” then Joe Biden most of all should welcome imminent and full transparency to convince doubters.

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In similar fashion, if Biden has any hope of entering the Oval Office with an actual mandate, then he must address the looming, ominous circumstances of his family’s lucrative ties to shadowy governments all over the world, especially America’s most dangerous enemies, Russia and China.

According to a poll commissioned by the Media Research Center, among Biden voters, a stunning 45 percent report no awareness of the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell story. Such suppression surely harms trust in American institutions, from the legacy media to our intelligence agencies. Biden cannot continue to avoid real scrutiny on this issue as even his compliant media allies become somewhat inquisitive, albeit conveniently after election day.

As with the voter data issues, if Biden wants to assume this hallowed office with a clean slate, then he must quickly welcome the oversight of a special counsel to fully vet these critical issues. Biden simply must explain who the “big guy” is and why the Chinese regime poured fortunes into the bank accounts of his family members and close associates. Unless Biden encourages and cooperates with a robust inquiry, the damning evidence of the Hunter laptop, the Senate Homeland security findings, and the credible firsthand account of Tony Bobulinski all cast a shadow large enough to darken any hopes of a Biden “honeymoon” period in the Oval Office.

Over a century ago, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously wrote that “sunlight is the best of disinfectants.” If Joe Biden believes in recent lofty Democratic rhetoric about “healing” a deeply polarized country, then he, more than anyone, should welcome full sunlight upon the recent vote as well as his affairs with China.

It’s time for transparency.

Steve Cortes

Steve Cortes was a Senior Advisor for Strategy at the Trump 2020 campaign.

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