CORTES: Republic… or Oligarchy?


At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, when asked what kind of government the Framers had created for our new nation, Benjamin Franklin reportedly responded: “a republic, if you can keep it.”

Like the other Founding Fathers, Franklin understood deeply how representative government, like the Roman Republic, could devolve into oligarchy and eventual dictatorship. Accordingly, the American Constitution endeavored to channel the best practices of self-government from the Classical world while avoiding a similar subsequent fate.

Benjamin Franklin signs the U.S. Constitution

This coming week in America may well determine the “if you can keep it” part.

The most powerful interests in America align, with remarkable synchronicity, to try to complete a grand electoral larceny, to literally subvert the foundations of our very republic in ways that would permanently divide our nation and embolden unelected powerbrokers intent on transforming America into an effective oligarchy.

This view may seem extreme to the luminaries of the connected ruling class in 2021 America. In New York newsrooms, Washington lobbying offices, corporate boardrooms, and university faculty lounges, skepticism regarding the manipulation of the November 3rd presidential vote amounts to a veritable mental illness. But in reality, tens of millions of Americans quite sensibly harbor grave doubts about the integrity of our election.

Despite the best efforts of business and media to suppress relevant information, the legions of doubters grow apace. A recent Rasmussen survey revealed that 47 percent of American voters believe the Democrats stole votes for Biden and/or destroyed Trump votes to secure the alleged victory. Among Trump voters, the cynicism reaches almost unanimity, with a scant 3 percent of his supporters in favor of the president conceding to Biden, per CNBC polling.

These widespread doubts represent evidence-based, thoughtful suspicion grounded in both statistics as well as our Constitution.

How Voter Fraud Happened in the 2020 Presidential Election as alleged by Peter Navarro

On the data front, substantiation abounds that a Biden win required a confluence of statistical anomalies so improbable as to be realistically impossible. Serious thinkers continue to expand this line of reasoning. I provided my own initial summary, born of my 25 years of experience in probability analysis for the largest hedge funds in the world.

Then, world class minds with stellar academic credentials augmented the case with more in-depth white papers on the utter improbability of a “clean” Biden win, including Harvard PhD, White House economic advisor Peter Navarro as well as UCLA PhD and former Ivy League professor John Lott.

In addition to these compelling numeric arguments, the Constitutional objections increase because key battleground states wholly usurped the legal preconditions of valid elections. Specifically, 14th Amendment violations abounded in states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin which created, de facto, two separate classes of voters with stringent verification of Trump voters and a near total void of validation for alleged Biden ballots.

But despite these material and valid objections, so far powerful interests align to rush through a tainted process and force upon the American people an illegitimate and likely illegal new president.

As I’ve detailed, Joe Biden would take office as the most doubted new commander-in-chief in US history.

Rather than a mandate, he would enter the Oval Office hobbled from the jump, with election malfeasance and damning Chinese Communist Party bribery allegations hanging over his new presidency like twin dismal clouds. Biden’s administration would be crippled in the crib, unless the American people receive a full and transparent vetting of these murky circumstances before any new president is sworn-in.

“I’m Joe Biden and I Forgot This Message” (Image: Gage Skidmore)

Instead of such transparency, the aspiring potentates of American society impress a punishing opacity upon our country, deriding and punishing those brave enough to challenge to official verdict. Who comprises this emerging oligarchy? There are three groups forming budding trifecta of plutocrats: corporate media, big tech, and establishment politicians.

The same media mavens who cravenly pushed a ludicrous, baseless Russia conspiracy upon America for years now intentionally dismiss the very real evidence of massive fraud regarding the November 3rd plebiscite. Disregarding even a pretense of investigative journalism, the prejudiced press ignores such glaring irregularities as video evidence of illegal tallying procedures plus the inexcusable middle-of-night suspensions of vote counting in key states, followed by massive, statistically inexplicable pro-Biden vote spikes in those same states one tabulations restarted.

Big tech happily joins in concert with the corporate media to interfere in our electoral process – actual election collusion. For example, social media firms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter readily inflicted censorship upon the crucial China-Biden bribery scandal during the campaign, even silencing our official accounts at the Trump campaign. Since the election, the filtering and censorship continues, with even President Trump himself subjected to near-constant editing and suppression when he shares analyses on election fraud and Constitutional affronts.

These giant tech corporations knowingly embrace that a Biden presidency will increase their economic dominance. For example, they intelligently project that a complicit Biden would retreat to economic submission to China, a key policy aim of most massive multinationals. In addition, “dark winter” Biden promises that harsh China Virus restrictions presently dominating Democratic jurisdictions will pervade nationwide, hugely augmenting the market position of mega corporations that benefit from such lockdowns while simultaneously crushing smaller competitors.

Big Tech CEOs fawn over Xi Jinping

Big media and big tech find many willing enablers among elected officeholders across America, and in both parties. Even after four years in the White House, President Trump remains very much, the “outsider” and the deplorables who populate the America First movement persist as nettlesome hindrances to the oligarchs’ plans.

Our movement goals of sovereignty, economic nationalism, and the diffusion of power all frustrate the nefarious aims of the connected ruling-class which sees a useful supplicant in Joe Biden. Many Republicans unfortunately concur and would gladly retreat to the compliant GOP of Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan. Most of these phony, feckless “conservatives” try to shroud their true allegiances, although Trump the “Great Revealer” has forced many of them into the harsh political light of day. For example, globalist corporatist Republicans like Senators Marco Rubio and John Cornyn recently telegraphed their eagerness to join a Biden administration in pursuing massive amnesties that would vaporize our borders and brutalize American workers.

January of 2021 may well provide the “rendezvous with destiny” for our generation. Will America succumb to the near-term comfort and ease of acquiescence? Will we allow a nascent oligarchy to subvert our republic? Alternatively, will our people rise up, in a manner worthy of our inheritance as citizens of the greatest nation in history, and demand transparency and adherence to the precepts of our sacred Constitution?

It’s our republic…if we can keep it.

Steve Cortes

Steve Cortes was a Senior Advisor for Strategy at the Trump 2020 campaign.

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