Democratic Presidential Candidate, Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a rally in Norfolk, Virginia at Booker T. Washington High School. Photo by Carter Marks, Royals Media.

Day 8 of the Biden Regime: Even The Corporate Media Sees Through It.


By Day 8 of the Biden-Harris regime, even establishment media can’t help but take note of the executive action binge.

No New Laws!, Biden Insists Between Bouts of Chronic Executive Action.

On Thursday, Biden signed orders to reopen Obamacare enrollment, which ended in December in most states, and restore eligibility for Title X funds to international organizations that promote and refer abortions.

Perhaps in response to criticisms of his full-throttle approach, Biden noted, “There’s nothing new that we’re doing here, other than restoring the Affordable Care Act and restoring the Medicaid to the way it was before Trump became President… Again, I’m not initiating any new law, any new aspect of the law.”

Abortions For All.

Under the Biden regime, freedom of conscience is out, U.S. government-sponsored abortion referrals around the world are in.

Devout Catholic Biden on Thursday officially rescinded the Mexico City Policy in a memorandum containing this line: “The Federal Government must take action to ensure that women at home and around the world are able to access complete medical information, including with respect to their reproductive health.”

Friday, January 29 marks the 48th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., which is mostly virtual this year except for a small group of leaders participating in person.

“When we have a pro-life administration, you know, we’re marching to encourage them and show support,” Carol Tobias, president of the national Right to Life Committee said to CNN. “And when we have a pro-abortion administration, like we currently have now, it’s to let them know that we’re not going away.”

White House Comms Director: Please Focus on What We’re Doing, Not How We’re Doing It.

Even the left-wing New York Times editorial board has raised alarms at Biden’s use of executive orders at breakneck speed, writing in a piece titled “Ease Up on the Executive Actions, Joe:”

“This is no way to make law. A polarized, narrowly divided Congress may offer Mr. Biden little choice but to employ executive actions or see his entire agenda held hostage. These directives, however, are a flawed substitute for legislation. They are intended to provide guidance to the government and need to work within the discretion granted the executive by existing law or the Constitution. They do not create new law—though executive orders carry the force of law—and they are not meant to serve as an end run around the will of Congress.”

On Twitter, White House communications director Kate Bedingfield snapped back, in part: “My question is which actions that the President took to reverse Donald Trump’s executive orders would they have liked to see him not pursue?”

Quotable: “Do you think that COVID relief has to require you to break it up into chunks, Mr. President?”

Biden: “No one requires me to do anything.”

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