Biden Regime Strips Parental Leave from Outgoing Govt Staff


President Biden stripped parental leave from several members of the Trump White House.

According to Politico, “a number of ex-Trump political officials lost their parental leave when Joe Biden was sworn into office”:

Their boss (the president) may have been the one let go, but his departure has meant that they, too, lose their jobs and benefits. Still, they argue that the Biden administration should have honored their leave by keeping them on payroll until the end of it — a request that, emails reviewed by POLITICO show, the Biden transition did not grant.

The story highlights Vanessa Ambrosini, former deputy communications director at the Commerce Department, who “had gotten approval to take parental leave from early January to late March. But she was informed a day before her baby was due on Dec. 17 that her leave would be ending Jan. 20, when the inauguration was taking place.”

“A pair of married former Trump Homeland Security officials said they had a similar experience. They provided POLITICO with emails showing an agency official telling them that, as political appointees, their parental leave benefits would be treated the same as those for career employees. Their baby was born on Dec. 18. Late at night on Jan. 5, the father got an email from the HR office saying that they had been wrong and that their benefit would end on Jan. 20,” Politico added.

“It’s pretty scary to have a premature baby at home and not knowing if you’re going to have an income or health insurance,” the father added.

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The Biden regime refused to speak about the issue with Politico on record.

An anonymous official, however, noted that political appointees “do not enjoy the promise of federal employment past the end of the administration in which they choose to serve.”

The official also “blamed the fact that the Trump administration dragged its heels on a quick and orderly transition as a reason why some on his team were caught off guard by the benefits ending.”

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is the Lead Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and co-host of The National Pulse podcast.