biden reads from a script during a phone call

On Day 17, Joe Biden Read From A Script for His ‘Phone Call With An Ordinary American’.


On Day 17, “Biden’s first immigration crisis” is here – but isn’t that exactly what he ordered? Also – wait until you see how “popular” Joe Biden is on YouTube (yes, still).

Immigration Influx: “Crisis,” or Promise Kept?

The Biden State Department has suspended and moved to terminate Trump-era agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to share the distribution of asylum claims through “safe third country” policies.

“Safe third country” agreements required certain asylum-seekers from the Northern Triangle to first apply for asylum in those countries before seeking asylum in the United States. They also aimed to facilitate cooperation between the United States and the host countries to enhance their systems for offering humanitarian protections. Two of the three agreements, those with El Salvador and Honduras, were never implemented.

Biden’s day-one “U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021” calls for increased aid to be sent to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras to “address the underlying causes of migration in the region.”

The latest move is part of Biden’s overall bid to dismantle Trump-era immigration framework and even surpass the Obama administration by raising caps on refugee admission and visas, eliminating deadlines for asylum claims, and more.

Meanwhile, the New York Times tweeted out a report that “President Biden’s first immigration crisis has already begun, as thousands of migrant families fleeing poverty, violence and persecution have surged toward the border in recent weeks with hopes of gaining entry into the U.S.”

This “immigration crisis” sounds suspiciously like what the Biden immigration reform plan patently aims to accomplish.

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Biden Team Revamps Weekly Address (Now With Soft Piano, Tight Editing).

Following in former president Trump’s footsteps, Biden has given the traditional weekly address a revamp.

In their first “Weekly Conversation,” the Biden team opted for a tightly-edited, piano-backed montage depicting a reconstructed phone call between Biden and an ordinary American mom, “Michele from California,” who was laid off because of the pandemic and had written to the president.

It might even be impressive if it wasn’t so obvious Joe is reading from a script in front of him:

biden reads from a script during a phone call

On the call, Biden pitches his “American Rescue Plan” legislation to a woman who has reportedly been out of work since July, and Michele replies: “We’re so glad that we have you focusing on that.”

Trump retired the rote, scripted, Saturday weekly address in favor of more casual video messages, often filmed outdoors, where he spoke directly to the camera in his own style without notes.

It looks like subscribers to the White House page preferred Trump’s method:

A ratio never seen on the WH page before Biden.

You can watch it for yourself if you like:

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